(7 Deadly Sex Incidents that landed people in the Emergency Room) Sex provides great mental and physical pleasure to humans—has many health benefits. But sometimes it can get pull you to Emergency Room in the hospital. No, I’m not kidding! It may be your fault, your partner’s or sometimes even the third person can be the reason.

Warning: The Article Contains Adult Content!

If you don’t believe me read about the sex incidents where love-makers ended up in the Emergency Room!

1. Roadhead Trouble

sex incidents
Road Head

In 2009, a Chinese secretary was trying some ‘oral’ with her boss in a parked car. To make things ugly for them, a van hit their car and the boss’s pecker was bitten off! Furthermore, a private detective—sent by secretary’s husband—saw the whole incident.

2. In The Sea

sex incidents
In the sea

In 2014, an Italian couple was trying some adventurous stuff in the sea near the town of Porto San Giorgio.! The genitals of both the partners got stuck and the guy couldn’t pull it out—and they had to take medical help!

3. The Kamasutra Lesson

sex incidents
Kamasutra lesson

A Russian couple—in their 50s—was trying ‘deckchair’ position after purchasing a copy of Kamasutra. But during the process, the female began to spasm and the couple got stuck! As a result, the ambulance was called after two hours.

4. The ‘Saw’ Sex

sex incidents
Saw Sex

Replacing a sex toy with a power tool can be a very bad idea. A couple in Maryland tried to do something like that—when they replaced the vibrator with rubber covered saber saw blade. Unfortunately, the woman was hurt and had to be hospitalized. This was one of the deadliest sex incidents ever!

5. Crashing Threesome

sex incidents
Crashing Threesome

A Chinese guy with his two female friends was ‘playing around’ in a parked car. Their party was spoiled when accidentally brake was kicked and the car crashed into a tree downhill! Firefighters were called to help the fellows.

6. TV Fun

sex incidents: tv fun

A couple got turned on while watching a TV show which showed some sex scene. As things got harder, the couple thrust into each other, causing a popping sound! The guy suffered some ligament tear and had to be taken to the hospital.

7. Shower Slip

sex incidents
shower sex

Shower sex is very well presented in movies, but in real life, it can cause troubles. A woman accidentally slipped while getting dirty in the shower with her partner. Two of her teeth were knocked out and other injuries occurred. Consequently, they had to rush to the hospital.

These sex incidents were totally unexpected! You better be aware and take care of yourselves.

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