Dick Click: Turn ‘Off’ Your Semen With A Switch


How easy it would have been if men could easily turn off their sperm with just a click. Well, now it is possible as a new male contraceptive, Dick click, claims that men can turn their sperm on and off at the flick of a switch. If this claim is true then there will be no need of the painful process of vasectomy.

Dick Click: New contraceptive

Dick click can bring revolution to the contraceptive methods. The German company which has launched this product has said that it works in the same way like the vasectomy does. Dick Click allows men to switch their sperm supply on and off using surgically-inserted valves. Moreover, these valves can be inserted in the body by a minor surgery. This surgery will take hardly half an hour to be carried out.

How Dick Click works?

After the procedure is done and dick click is fixed through the surgery then the valve can be physically switched on and off through the scrotum. It will divert the sperms until the switch is flipped back to ‘off’. Just by flipping a switch the man will be able to stop reproduction.

dick click

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The Dick Click may even prove to be a better alternative of having a vasectomy. Vasectomy is a surgical procedure involving the cutting and tying up the vas deferens. This procedure permanently cuts down the sperm release from the testis. It is an irreversible procedure. So, dick click will eradicate the need to cut those tubes.

However, health issues have been raised due to this product. Wolgang Bühmann, a spokesperson for the Professional Association of German Urologists has also voiced his concerns. According to his assessment implanting the valve could cause scarring where it meets the vas deferens. It might cause some diseases too.

For now, all we know is this product is totally different from other contraceptive products invented yet. And it will be a huge success if it has little or no side effects.

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