Different Types Of Being Drunk!


(Different Types Of Being Drunk!) Four five friends, party music, disco lights and some alcohol to booze. Doesn’t this count for a perfect weekend plan? And what makes it more perfect is friends and alcohol of course. We, these days do depend on alcohol for our activities. I mean we just need a reason grab a bottle of alcohol, for example, had a breakup; let’s drink, failed an exam; “Chal Peete hai” and what not.

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Just as we have a diversity in the reasons for getting drunk, there are different types of being drunk!

1. Happily Drunk

Trust me this is the best after effect of being drunk. You laugh at the joke that has been told like 4 hours ago or maybe some days ago. You shake your butt to the cheapest of the songs. You grin to every random person passing by and what not. Your friends may find you a little weird but who cares. After all, one doesn’t get drunk so hard to still bother about others.

2. Becoming a complete sad soul

Alcohol can do some really funny things with people and one of them is making them sad. It might take you to the long-lost darkness, which you have hidden somewhere deep inside your heart. It can be your teenage heartbreak or even low marks in that maths class test or anything more stupid. But once you are drunk you will end up getting sad because of these little things. As a result, you will either end up calling your mom and confessing how much you love her or texting your ex-telling him that he really was a mistake or what not.

3. The “Superman” effect 

It gives you wings. Though an illusion it does, and once you are drunk you think you can jump off that 21 floors buildings which once you were afraid to go because of your fear of height. You would want to knock out that so-called hulk of your college for bullying you in your first year or even worse you would send a drunk proposal to your crush or anything dumber.

4. The philosophically drunk

Yes, you get it correct. Alcohol can make you extremely wise in just 3 or 4 shots down. You will be the most wiser person around the room explaining each and every person about where they went wrong. What they should have and shouldn’t have done.

5. Drunk in English

Reading the subheading you might be thinking that talking about alcohol all these times, I got high too but no. I just took the effect seriously. But yes alcohol might give birth to the English man hiding inside you out of the complex. You will get all the courage “to talk in English, walk-in English, eat in English and sleep in English” once you are drunk. It does take that Shakespeare out from you.


These were the different types of being drunk. Which type of drunk after effects have you been through among these and if there is something different, do share in the comments? 🙂