(Disturbing facts) You think you know everything. Think again. Here’s a list of facts you may not wanna know. Some facts may come off as disturbing. Warning! Not for the weak hearted.

So, here is the list of disturbing facts!

1. Orgasm overload

bee's ejaculation

A male honeybee’s ejaculation is so strong it makes his dick explode, killing him. Whoa! Talk about an outburst of pleasure. (This had to be on top of our list of disturbing facts!)

2. Out of the body experience

Disturbing facts: Out of the body experience

Well, you gotta keep your head while reading another one on the list of disturbing facts. Head remains active after it is separated from the body. Our brain is still functional for few seconds after beheading. Don’t worry the pics just an optical illusion. We are no sadist.

3. Unusual Whitening

Disturbing facts: Unusual whitening

Disturbing facts also include one from the yucky department. Ever wanted to whiten your teeth. You will be surprised to know that the solution was right down there. In ancient times Romans used urine as a teeth whitener.

4. Being Nosy

Disturbing facts: being nosy

You won’t poke your nose around after reading this. If you smell something it’s in your nose. Yup, our nose smells things by sensing floating particles present in the air. Yeah, you are right. Last time you smelled a fart someone’s poopy particles were inside your nose.

5. Something extra

Disturbing facts: something extra

The list of disturbing facts includes that Mark Wahlberg has an extra nipple. I don’t mean to demean him. I love his acting. It’s just something I never wanted to know. I guess even you didn’t. No weird, we didn’t post a picture of his nipple. Go google it on your own.

6. Butterfly Diaries

disturbing facts: butterfly diaries

Certain species of Butterflies do drink blood. You heard me right! The seemingly innocent creature seems to have a bloody desire. That’s a Twilight movie I would watch.

7. Yucky Sucky

disturbing facts: yucky sucky

Make sure you don’t get a gag reflex while reading this. Eskimo mothers have to suck the snot out of their children’s nose. Hey! I did give you a fair warning that this might be one of the most disturbing facts on this list.

8. Contraception

disturbing facts: contraception

Romans use crocodile dung as a contraceptive method. Man! These Romans sure were disturbingly weird. Good, they used contraception.

9. The real Leatherface

disturbing facts: the real leatherface

The character of Leatherface from the movie Texas chainsaw massacre is based on a real-life serial killer Ed Gein. He killed women and made masks and dresses with their skin.

Want to know much more amazing facts and great news? Stay tuned.

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