I saw someone there. I felt as if someone is calling me. Someone shadow is always chasing me. I can feel someone else’s too in my room. All these questions may arise in our mind but we keep ignoring these things and I question that remains unanswered if Do ghosts exist ?But now don’t ignore this fact because they exist. Yes you all guessed it right its ghost who exist in this real big world.

do ghosts exist


And if we talk about evidences, paranormal activities are a great source over the past few decades. There are many people who live in haunted places with array of equipments that may help in communicating with spirits.

Do you remember a show named “Ghost Adventures’’ they actually showed some proofs to us. First was the full body of spirit following the investigator till the room and second was a brick rising from the floor and flying away on its own. But the problem was that they telecasted it on television as people consider that it’s on television so take it lightly as it is just a source of entertainment.

The second evidence arose with the help of photography. As you know photography is becoming more advance day by day it clicks as if we are seeing from nude eyes. So there is a photo in which spirit of Abraham Lincoln is known to photo bomb with his wife now and then.

do ghosts exist: Abraham Lincoln And with years, such photos have been captured from the well known haunted places like Eastern State Penitentiary and Waverly Hill Sanatorium.

The third evidence was a video evidence normally researchers keep their camera open in order to catch the ghosts live. And  often such missions are successful.do ghosts exist

The next evidence is a scientific one. You have come across a word that is electromagnetic field theory which is use to locate human spirits. There is a strange fact arose that Electromagnetic fields spike indicates a stronger field that we expect to see produced by human, but many researchers concluded that the ghost grab energy from the environment and even from batteries in device like flashlights. Even high electromagnetic fields at home are originating from the buildings, it will  also contribute to the fact that the place is captured by spirits.

Unusual thermal readings also indicate the presence of supernatural powers around you. It is a scientific proof.


Now conclusion to the biggest question Do ghosts exist . Well all these things are actually haunting us. After reading all this stuff one can easily say ghost do exist and some super natural powers do exist and now we should believe in that Halloween day too. These stuff actually bring goose bumps.

Do ghosts exist? : Knock knock to the reality and believe in it.

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