It is really better to be safe than sorry, just as prevention is better than cure. Public Wi-Fi hotspots are now available almost everywhere, restaurants, libraries, hotels, parks, railway stations, and airports. However, the risks involved along with them are enormous.Therefore, paying for the pricey 4G data is better!

Free public Wi-Fi?

Free WiFi

If something essential is available for free, wake up! It is not safe!

Before connecting to any public Wi-Fi ensure whether they are secured. If it is open/free, asking for no passwords, then it’s better to avoid using it. This is because, as free public Wi-Fi hotspots can be used by anyone, a hacker can easily access all the data within that network using a sniffing device.

The Wi-Fi hotspots at restaurants and airports are secured with passwords, are available at hotel’s front desk or available after a purchase. Since they are password protected, it’s a bit more secure. So, you can rely on using that Wi-Fi.

Keep Them Updated

Keep them updated

It is impossible to expect everyone with a smartphone/laptop to be technologically updated to tackle the hacker’s nuisance. However, we can expect everyone to do the regular system updates.

Using updated browser and updated OS helps to improve your cyber security. As a result, you can be safer.

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure

Antivirus application is a must in every gadget.

It is nothing wrong to have an app installed which will at least detect a virus if not remove it.
Then what are you waiting for?
Update your machine with an anti-virus application.

Avoid Transactions

Avoid Transactions

Do not do banking or any other money transactions online via the public Wi-Fi hotspots. The passwords or pin number you enter could all be tracked easily!

The only recommended activities while using public Wi-Fi are checking the weather forecast, flight status, map for routes and checking live scores.

Go For Alternatives

Go For Alternatives

Browse the internet via an alternative browser rather than the usual one you use. As the usual browser you use would have saved passwords and cache data, vulnerable to thieves sniffing via public Wi-Fi.

If you don’t want to have multiple browsers installed, browse in incognito mode.

Remember to Log Out

Remember to log out

“Keep me logged in” is one of the most used features and the main culprit for a lot of unauthorized access. The feature is convenient not only for the user but for the hacker too.

Extra 4 seconds to enter a password every time you log in can help a lot to keep your personal data personal.

Enable a 2-step Authentification

Enable a 2-step Authentification

Password for a password is the logic behind this kind of verification. Even if your password is sniffed through phishing sites, one would also need the SMS code to log in.

So, don’t lose your mobile and account passwords at the same time!

Stay Anonymous

Stay Anonymous

VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables a secure connection offering anonymity to the user. So, the hacker wouldn’t be able to track you down even if you end up accessing an insecure Wi-Fi hotspot.

VPNs will also be of use if you want to access blocked websites!

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