7 Times Ellen DeGeneres Was ‘The Generous’


(7 times Ellen DeGeneres was ‘The Generous’) If a human being is equipped to help fellow human beings or other creatures of the Lord in their dire straits, it is considered as the purest and most supreme form of servitude to the Almighty.

If your help and deeds can put a smile on a forlorn face, then your actions are truly praise-worthy.

Ellen DeGeneres is a charismatic and dynamic television personality who is known for her bright eyes, a beaming smile and quick wit. Her amiable character and generosity have won hearts of many around the world.

Here are a few instances which demonstrate her beauty through kindness and consideration for our fellow Earthlings.

Ellen and Justin Bieber help an entire school

Ellen gives a full ride to college to these lucky students

Cheryl and Natasha, two determined educators from Brooklyn, New York, wrote to Ellen about their brilliant, diligent students who desperately needed her help to be able to continue higher education. Their shoddy backgrounds and socio-economic problems didn’t help improve matters in any way. Moved by their plea, Ellen stepped in and gave some 30 kids the best surprise anyone could wish for. Check the link below and prepare yourself to be blown away!

Ellen helps a wonderful waitress for her kind gesture

A waitress from New Hampshire displayed an act of exemplified dignity when she offered to pay for two women at the restaurant she worked in. Due to a government shutdown, the women who were national guards weren’t being paid enough, so they couldn’t spend much on their food. Sarah, the waitress, waived their bill and paid for them. Ellen repaid Sarah and did a little something extra for her awesomeness. Check the link below to watch the entire snippet!

Ellen surprises a hilarious Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant

A witty and quippy Southwest Airlines stewardess decided to bring about a significantly cheeky change in her safety instructions announcement and humored the weary, anxious passengers. The video of her ‘performance’ went viral and that caught Ellen’s attention for good. Ellen thanked her in an ‘extravagant’ fashion for the selfless and patient jobs the stewards and stewardesses have up in the air. Watch the video in the link below and listen to more about the attendant’s life story on Ellen’s show.

Ellen presents a giving law-student with just what she needed

Kathryn Craig, a selfless, beautiful friend to Dana Tapper, an equally considerate and hospitable law student wrote to Ellen and expressed her admiration for her friend’s work. Dana Tapper helps children out with their studies in an economically efficient manner. She herself is in a lot of debt but she keeps a diode-like smile plastered on her face and a happy-go-lucky attitude each day of her life. She dances like no one’s business and that’s how it should be! Watch her in the link provided below and Ellen’s heart-warming surprise for her.

Ellen grants a tummy-licious wish of this over-enthusiastic kid surfer

Sabre, a highly energetic surfer from Australia was invited on Ellen for her exemplary and dangerous acts on the surfboard, which were done without even a single crease on her forehead! Her bravery on the waves was truly commendable, which is why Ellen wanted to make her stay in America even more special. This girl who likes she is always sugar-high on Unicorn Frappuccinos is, is so lively, talkative and vivacious, that she will make your sides split from laughter! She has one simple wish which Ellen oh-so-generously grants for her. Sabre’s innocent dreams and vivacity will win your heart.

Ellen’s profound gift to Mr. Bonner

Mr. Michael Bonner is an incredibly talented, giving and focused 2nd-grade teacher who’s one goal in life is to strengthen the minds of his deprived students intellectually and encourage them to learn. These kids don’t have enough food to eat or adequate living conditions to sustain themselves, but Mr. Bonner is determined to change their lives. He makes little songs and raps for his kids to catch on rapidly and create a joyous environment. Ellen decided to invite Mr. Bonner on her show and offered a donation for his students which blew his mind. Check the link below and groove along to the hip and sassy rap sung by some equally sassy kids.

So, do good, be good and nurture goodness.

As Ellen DeGeneres ends each show, here I end my article the same way she does. BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER.

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