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NO, I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE OSCAR GOOF UP! Please? Hadn’t it had its share of trolls and memes already? Well, this piece of news is a lot of shine and sparkle…BASICALLY GLAMOUR! Our gorgeous Oscar winner- EMMA STONE. Who glittered the stage gold with her breathtaking elegant dress took an unbelievable 1700 hours to make!

Petra Flannery, the designer has revealed that the golden number took a very dedicated team of 11 people from Givenchy Atelier 70 days to sew the beads into the lace material.

emma stone

Report by Metro UK about Emma Stone’s dress

Describing the show-stopping number, Petra said: ‘It’s a beaded wonder. When you see it up close it’s a marvel of various golden colours, shapes and sizes. ‘The beaded fringe was the clincher.’

Emma Stone’s stylist also told how the dress was inspired by La La Land. Later revealing that the actress was on board during the creative process and the dress was initially going to be silver.

However, ‘During a trip to Paris earlier in the year, we saw the beading samples and we selected the beautiful gold, amber and crystal colours.

emma stone

Disclosure by people style magazine

“I was very inspired by La La Land,” says Flannery. “The element of dancing, movement and Hollywood glamour definitely got to me. Both Emma and I wanted to capture this feeling in the dress. ”

Plus, the stylist shared some fun fashion trivia on her Instagram: Emma Stone is the first actress since Audrey Hepburn to win an Oscar wearing Givenchy. (Hepburn picked up the Best Actress award in 1954 for Roman Holiday!)

Well, pretty Miss Emma Stone is deserving to be a part of the elegant elite club without a doubt 🙂

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