Exam Preparation: 7 Study Tips for optimal performance.

Exam Preparation: Well Its ‘that’ time of the year again. Comes the end of semester and the students are in for an appalling and nerve-racking stretch of days. We often hear cases of students cracking under the immense stress and not being able to perform upto their potential. Many a time too much exertion is also a factor in these scenarios.

Trust me though, we have all been there and while we need to notch up our zeal, we often overlook the small stuff that plays a great role in stress management and optimal preparation. TNG shares with you such tips and techniques to help clinch up your grades.

Tip No.1- Organize your study space

Organized study for better exam prep

Make sure you have enough space to spread your textbooks and notes out. Have you got enough light? Is your chair comfortable? Are your computer games out of sight?

Try and get rid of all distractions, and make sure you feel as comfortable and able to focus as possible. For some people, this may mean almost complete silence; for others, background music helps. Some of us need everything completely tidy and organized in order to concentrate, while others thrive in a more cluttered environment. Think about what works for you, and take the time to get it right.

Tip No.2- Avoid Procrastination

Avoid procrarination

Do not procrastinate, It’s Fatal. You might leave topics pending and soon have the date of the exam hanging on your head. Check in advance whether you have all topics and subjects sorted and understood.

Tip No. 3- Watch your caffeine intake

avoid too much of coffee

During exams, we often tend to study extra hours and try to stay awake in the late night hours. We do this by consuming drinks like coffee, redbull, etc, increasing our caffeine intake in the process. Nothing drives up our stress level faster than not being able to fall asleep the night before an exam, so avoid too much consumption beverages like coffee, or high energy drinks.

Tip No. 4- Clear your subject doubts

Seek the help of teachers or friends to clear all your doubts before its too late

Last few days are to clear the slightest doubts you may have, irrespective of how big or small. Because being a fool for five minutes is better than being a fool for life time. You should never enter the exam hall with hesitation on topics that might be the ones you never prepared for and are now a part of the entrance exam.

Tip No. 5- Don’t Cram, Make Notes

Always make notes because something solid is always better

Students should let go off the cramming part as it is not a good method of studying. Instead of this, they should make short notes while studying. Cramming everything can result in forgetting everything and making brief notes can help in remembering all points while revising the subject.

Tip No. 6- Sleep and Eat Well

Healthy mind resides in a healthy body

The biggest mistake students commit during exam time is that they don’t sleep and eat well. They think sleeping is a waste of time. They should believe in the fact that they need to sleep between 6-8 hours a day. They also need to take care of their diet. They should try and avoid eat junk food, and instead include food which supplies continuous energy to their brain for a longer period of time.

Tip No. 7- Take regular study breaks

Do not forget to take breaks

While you may think it’s best to study for as many hours as possible, this can actually be counterproductive. If you were training for a marathon, you wouldn’t try and run 24 hours a day! Likewise studies have shown that for long-term retention of knowledge, taking regular breaks really helps. Everyone’s different, so develop a study routine that works for you. If you study better in the morning, start early before taking a break at lunchtime. Or if you’re more productive at night time, take a larger break earlier on so you’re ready to settle down come evening.

We know this might not be the information that you didn’t already know but we strive to bundle data together and culminate it into the information that will brush up your preexisting/rusty knowledge for greater benefit.

Best Of Luck for your exams, Regards from the TNG team 🙂

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