Interesting Facts about Rath Yatra Festival


(Facts about Rath Yatra Festival) The country India is known for the versatility in its tradition and culture around the globe. Like the diversity across the country, we also have a huge list of traditions followed in different parts of the country. So here’s an overview of a culture and it’s unknown fact followed in the traditionally rich state i.e. Orrisa. Jagannath Rath Yatra is regarded as the traditionally most rich among all the festivals around the country. Usually, the worshipping of the triads takes place throughout the year.

The Rath Yatra takes place in the month of Asadha usually falling in the month of June or July. The Lord is brought out and made to travel in huge chariots (raths) for their devotees to gain blessings and for the holy view. They travel from Bada Danda to Shri Gundicha Temple which extends to a 3 km journey. Rath yatra is defined as the journey through the chariots.The chariots are the huge wheeled wooden structures. These are built as a new one every year and are pulled by the devotees of the Jagannath. The chariot for the Lord Jagannath is approximately 45 feet high and 35 square feet wide enough. It takes about 2 months to construct the whole chariot.

Facts about Rath Yatra Festival

There are few unknown facts about Rath Yatra festival!

1. The traditional rainfall

#1 Facts about Rath Yatra Festival: We live in an era where we struggle to believe the facts that are hypothetical or don’t have sci-fi fact in relation to that matter. Involvement of the technology in our mind is so much now, that even if the ritual is a real natural call, we assume it to be fake. This context defies the odds. There is an unknown fact which only the people who have been there known and understand. There is a sudden rainfall every time the Rath Yatra takes place. It’s not because it happens to be in the month of June or July, the rainy season but it’s a saying that this is the holy rain which makes the earth more pure and ethnic.

facts about rath yatra festival

2. The use of old school carpentry in making

#2 Facts about Rath Yatra Festival: You must have seen many great Raths here and there for all the special occasions held across the country and even internationally. It is rather amazing to know the fact behind the construction of the Raths. The involvement of the modern carpentry and group of carpenters is nowhere near for the construction of the Raths. Rather than these construction takes place using the same old school carpentry and the carpenters are the descendants of the previous designating carpenters. They devote their whole year to construct an all new chariot for the almighty. This itself tells the importance of this yatra for the people.

3. Not the regular wood

#3 Facts about Rath Yatra Festival: Since it’s a rich cultural festival, everything related to this has a reason behind it. Like the old school carpentry fact, even the woods are sacred. The near by forests i.e. Dashpalla and Ranapur are the source of wood for chariots. Firstly worshipping of lords takes place and then use in construction. The construction department uses every part of the woods with care and nurture. They even plant a new tree in place of the old. This itself signifies how this tradition still has its own content.

4. Name each, Respect each

#4 Facts about Rath Yatra Festival: The way we name the new born, they name the Raths too. There are numerous raths for various gods and goddesses during this festival followed behind the Jagannath’s Ratha. In Raths not only worshipping take place but also nurture of throughout the festival in a pure and holy way. Like in giving the new born of the family a love and a care for each member of the family, the same way the Raths are in deep conditioning and maintenance are throughout by each one. For the Lord, the whole world is a family indeed.

facts about rath yatra festival

5. The Dahuka Boli is a must

#5 Facts about Rath Yatra Festival: We have a holy song for every festival and traditions. The same goes for this one too. An inclusion of a unique song (Dahuka Boli) which is a must for the yatra. It’s the holy song for the Rath yatra which defines the importance of Jagannath for the devotees. This holy song enchants the passer-by and the people around. It’s a smooth and melodious song describing how Jagannath came to Puri and about the history of the Rath yatra.

The Rath Yatra is much more versatile than the live spectacle. Since long, every year lakhs of devotees come here, to witness the Rath Yatra of Jagannath in all its color, customs and glory. Thus, we now know that it’s not just a festival. It is a staunch reminder of the belief and faith which binds the entire world together and forever.

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