10 Quick Facts About Sleep


(Facts about sleep) Most of us love Sleeping. Isn’t it? But how much we actually know about sleep?

Let’s discover some amazing facts about sleep which probably very few of us are aware of!

  1. An average human spends about 1/3rd of their life sleeping. Now we wish that we could have used that time instead of sleeping. Right?

2. We are more likely to die due to sleep deprivation than by food deprivation. A human could survive for three times as long without food as one could survive without sleep.

3. Most parents lose around 400 to 700 hours of sleep in each child’s first year. And we thought newborn babies are blessings without any hassle or dilemma.

4. The record for longest period without being asleep is 11 days. A high school student in 1964 holds this record, he slept for 264.4 hours (#Sleep goals).

facts about sleep

5. Researchers have shown that we forget 50% of our dream within 5 minutes of waking up. After another 5 minutes, we forget 90% recollection of the dream. Now we know why we don’t recollect our dream and now we can contradict anyone who calls us “bhullakkad” for forgetting our dream.

6. At an average falling asleep should take 10-15 minutes. When one may be overtired, it may take less than that.

7. Higher the altitude, greater is sleep disruption. As the altitude increases, the level of oxygen gets diminished.

8. Even small things such as noises or even small light exposure even just to glowing numbers or mobile phones can cause sleep disturbances. Even if they don’t cause you to wake up.

9. One may find it difficult to fall asleep if the temperature of the room is too high. The body temperature must be decreased slightly so as to fall asleep. Now we know why air-conditioners feel so comforting.

facts about sleep

10. Those born blind, experience dreams containing experiences such as emotion, smell, and sound rather than sight. Interesting, isn’t it?

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