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Some of the books that were made into movies

Film Adaptations: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Game of Thrones are common household names these days. Be it with respect to the books or the movies. The public have loved both the formats. But do the movie adaptations spoil or enhance the whole experience? Which is better the movies or the books?

While reading a book one’s mind wanders to imagine the interesting characters, their surroundings, and sometimes become so involved that one cannot differentiate between reality and fiction. Stories like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Lord of the Rings have been lauded for their gripping plot and the writing styles of their authors. And their movie adaptations have been received with positive reviews from the critics and smashed many box-office records.

Film Adaptations: The Cons

Many people who actively follow these franchises often complain that they were disappointed by the movie adaptations. Filmmakers tend to cut short the story due to the limited duration of a movie. In this process they skip many critical parts or won’t be able to show some parts in detail. Or in some cases the plots are changed which many fans believe is absolutely unforgivable. Well in their defense, anyone wouldn’t like it if their favorite stories are not what they were. Also a movie adaptation ruins the mental picture of the character and the plot.

Film Adaptations: The Pros

While some beg to differ. According to them, movies make their imagination come alive. The characters come alive in front of you and one is gripped by the plot that you just can’t look away. There are examples where the movie turned out to be way better than the story. One such case is movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Many felt the movie added life to an otherwise bland story line.

film adaptations: The curious case of benjamin buttonImagination and perspective govern a reader. In a movie it’s that of a director. At the end of the day, a story clicks due its plot and its writing style. Well, film adaptations make it better or worse for a person it all depends on the person and how comfortable they are with the director’s point of view.

Here are a few popular books, whose film adaptations have been made that you may want to buy:

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