With changing times, the priorities of human beings have changed. The relationships are no exception to this. With more and more preferring hookups to long term relationships, the ‘Friends with Benefit’ culture has become quite a normal thing. But finding an FWB can be a very difficult task. It is quite complicated and sometimes the matters can get out of hand.

FWB movie

Here are some tips that can come handy in your search of a ‘friend with benefit’!

1. Be on the hunt

checking out

It can be bar, workplace, gym or some other such place- online platforms are the buzzwords- where you can find a person you can hook up with. It is quite possible that a close friend of yours might be looking for ‘someone’ with similar intentions. So, always try to explore different places to find your FWB.

2. Start a Conversation

first conversation

Unless you are able to strike conversations with other people it can be very difficult to get a tip about their intentions. You should not try to start directly with ‘sex’, but talk about some other common casual conversations and try to see if the other person is open to the idea.

3. Be eloquent about your ambitions

being clear to the partner

If you think that you have found the right person and you feel that they have reciprocating intentions; then feel free to express your desires in a bold but respectful way. Be clear and to the point.

4. Respect their feelings

respect their feelings

You might have misjudged or the other person needs some time- these are possible scenarios. And you respect the other person’s feelings. Don’t try to force them in any smallest sense, that might ruin your chances.

5. Set the limits

set the limits

Always set proper limits in the FWB relationships. You should decide beforehand the time you want to invest in your FWB, the interference you want in your personal life and other such important issues and convey the same to your ‘friend’ and respect the limits set by your FWB.

6. Be Patient

be patient

Patience is one of the best human qualities. Try patiently with the above tips in mind and you should not be very far in finding a good FWB.

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