The first integrated heliport of India, a dedicated landing facility for helicopters, opens in Rohini on Tuesday.

The first integrated Heliport Of India at a glance

first integrated heliport of india

The heliport consists of a terminal building with a capacity for 150 passengers, four hangers with parking capacities for 16 helicopters, and nine parking bays. According to Hindu Business, the Ministry of Civil Aviation said the first integrated heliport of India took almost two years to build at a cost of nearly ₹100 crore.

The heliport is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Pa-wan Hans Limited (HPL). Fortunately, the first flyers were 5 kids from CRY NGO who enjoyed the joyride. With its inauguration, its expected to decongest the traffic at IGI airport and also provide with emergency evacuation services.

first integrated heliport of india

Pa-wan Hans has also prepared a roadmap to connect the heliport to several cities. These include Shimla, Haridwar, Dehradun, Mathura, Agra, Meerut and industrial hubs such as Manesar and Bahadurgarh. Pawan Hans Ltd is a joint venture between the Central Government and ONGC. The former holds 51 per cent stake and the latter the rest 49 per cent.

“We are excited. This is the first facility in South Asia. Of course, in terms of passengers’ traffic, India is the fastest growing in the world. Somehow in helicopter and cargo, we have lagged behind. So we need to pull up our socks. Moreover, if we take it to the higher level, it needs training in skill development,” Raju said after the inauguration.

The India Times States that the facility is India’s first integrated facility for rotor wing aircraft including their landing and takeoff. Moreover, it also has separate air traffic control (ATC), fire and fueling services.

The Government has envisaged four heliports in four regions of the country in the new civil aviation policy announced last June.

first integrated heliport of india

Additionally, PHL is working on its business diversification and has devised a ‘Strategic Plan – 2020’. According to which the company will diversify into small fixed wing and seaplane operations; Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) business; and developing helipads and heliports.

Well, something to rejoice amidst so much of chaos! First integrated heliport of India. Woah! Sounds big!

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