It’s often said that food is an emotion. Those who take it very seriously are called foodies. The search for food is never-ending.Their source of sorrow, happiness, is food. Surprisingly, their source of food is food. Even their source of entertainment is food. We can frequently see such foodies around us. The main motive is fulfilling mind and stomach with food. Just imagine the height of their talent!. So for all the foodies out there here’s a list of five must-watch Foodies tv show that would not only entertain but would also give perfect pleasure to taste buds because “Food is an emotion”!

1. Khana khazana No.1 Foodies Tv Show

Foodies tv show
Khana Khazana

Talking about shows related to food, the first name that comes to mind of every Indian ‘food-lover’ is ‘khana-khazana’. The show that has been nonstop serving various recipes, giving various cooking tips, teaching about food-related health issues and above all entertaining the Indian audience for more than 23 years and is still entertaining.
This show has been a turning point in the career of India’s first celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor. In fact, it is the longest-running Foodies tv show of its kind in Indian television with more than 2000 episodes.

2. MasterChef India

Foodies tv show
MasterChef India

One of the biggest platform for people who love cooking and one of the most liked show by Indian audience. In fact, this is evident via this show.

From season 1 aired in 2010 to season 5 aired in 2016, each and every season has been a very big hit. It is also the new manufacturer of celebrity chefs in India. With 91% likes, it is really a must watch Foodies tv show for the food nerds.

3. Man vs Food

Foodies tv show
Man Vs Food

After hundreds of cookery shows on dozens of food and lifestyle channels, this Foodies tv show Man vs Food came with a new and refreshing concept that really excited and thrilled the food fanatics of not only America and other parts of the world but also India. The first episode premiered on Dec 2008 on TLC and recently it’s 5th season premiered on 7th Aug 2017.

In each episode, it’s host Adams Richman hunts for big dose offerings of different cities of USA and after that faces one old but the mega eating challenge of any famous local restaurant.

The excitement of the challenge of Adam v/s Big food is more than watching a WWE wrestling match at least for the foodies.

4. Kitchen Nightmares

Foodies tv show
Kitchen Nightmares

Every foodie once in a lifetime has a dream of opening his own food chain or restaurant. But to make money by pleasuring the taste buds of customers is really a serious business.
Kitchen Nightmares is an American reality show starring celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay in which he spends a week in failing restaurant, observes their faults and then tries to revive the restaurant with his tips.

As a matter of fact, this innovative concept made it so famous show of Fox channel it’s like reached to 97% and rating to 8.5/10 which makes it a must watch Foodies tv show.

5. Highway On My Plate

Foodies tv show
Highway on my plate

This is very interesting to notice Highway on my plate is a travel and food show aired on NDTV Goodtimes since 2007. In fact, it was hosted by two funnymen and real Indian food enthusiast Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma. The show tops the list of every Indian travel and food show.

As expected, the show has won many awards. In addition, the book, based on this show titled ‘Highway on my plate: The Indian guide to roadside eating’ has been honored at the Gourmand World Cookbook award.

In fact, a large number of fan following for this show is increasing day by day makes it a must watch shows for the foodies.

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