9 Foreign Words That Have Funny Meanings In English


Language is a way to communicate with other people and is also the center of what makes the world go around. Every country has its own language which makes them unique. But there are some foreign words that we might find funny or rude. So here is a list of 10 foreign words which have funny meanings in english.

 1. Fart

Language: Swedish

This word in English means to pass gas, but in Swedish it actually means speed. The word that is used for speed control in Swedish will come out to be fart kontrol. So if they you hear someone in Sweden talking about fart don’t get embarrassed they’re actually talking about speed.

2. Drug

Language: Russian

By drug you mean the ingestion of any medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect, right? But No, you’re actually wrong, in Russia it has a different meaning. Well, drug in Russia means a friend. You call your friend a drug in Russian.

3. Damit:

Language: German

This in English is used as an expression to show anger annoyance in an informal and impolite manner. Damit in German means them, thereupon, thus or so that.

4. Slagroom, worst:

Language: Dutch

Slagroom means “whipped cream” and worst means “sausage”. These words can be seen at a cafe or a coffee shop or a restaurant in any Dutch country.

5. Slutspurt:

Language: Swedish

In Swedish slut means “end” and slutpurt means “final sale”. Although we have a total different meaning of this word, but in Sweden it is a very common word. Slutstation is also another word that is used which means “final stop”.

6. Die, die, die… Alsjeblieft

Language: Dutch

This dutch word means “that one, that one, that one…please”. In English it means dying or to die. It’s funny how it will be used in English sentences like – Mum die, die, die…alsjeblieft.

7. Weichei:

Language: German

In English this word means a “soft egg” and the Germans use it to accuse someone of being weak and coward. Hence, weichei is the word to call someone weak.

8. Kumerspeck:

Language: German

funny meanings in english

This word when translated in English comes out to be as grief bacon. This german actually describes the state of a person when a relationship ends or other times of sadness, anger and worry. So if you put on weight during this time because of eating you’re feeding you’re grief bacon.

9. Dickmilch:

Language: German

funny meanings in english

It’s not what you think people it is. In fact this german word means “Buttermilk”.

Even tough these words mean something serious in some other language, they definitely have funny meanings in english.

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