There are certain girl secrets that boyfriends don’t know. If you think that you know A to Z about your girlfriend then probably you are wrong. And these things she wants you to know yourself without her telling it to you. So what’s all that? Stick to the article and know more.

1. Initiating conversations

Initiating conversations tops the ‘Girl secrets that boyfriends don’t know’ list. She always wants you to start a conversation. Your girlfriend might be desperate to know how you are and what you are doing but she will never want to be the first one to initiate all that. She wants you to start because that makes her feel wanted in your life.

girl secrets
girl secrets

2. She never forgets her things

Well, if you think your girlfriend is forgetful then my dear friend you need to know this. Girls do not FORGET their stuff at your place or your car or near you. They secretly want you to collect them and remember her and of course show her your collection in the future. Also, this is one of the things every girl does because she wants to assure another meeting with you really soon.

3. She still stalks her ex

I know that the rule for the past relationships is “forgive and forget” but it is true that she still does that and thus, it counts up as one of the ‘girl secrets that boyfriends don’t know’. Not that she is going to go back to him, but keeping a track of him makes it easier for her to move on. She wants her ex to know that she is very happy with her life without him. But at the same time wants him to feel what he has lost by losing her. But this does not mean she will cheat on you. She doesn’t tell this because she thinks you will get hurt. Awe the considerate she.

4. Best friend knows it all

Well yes, you read that right. Secrets your girlfriend won’t tell you includes discussing everything about your relationship with her bestie. Her friend will know when you have a fights or dates or cute romantic conversations. In short, she knows everything about you. Then she will also guide your girlfriend on whether or not you are suitable for her or what surprise to give to you etc.

girl secrets

5. She loves it when you’re jealous

She might not tell you but yes, she loves it when you are jealous. This makes her feel more wanted in your life. This also makes her feel that you want her to be all yours and nobody else’s. And this feeling is the most amazing and most important for her.

girl secrets

But of course, she isn’t going to tell you about these girl secrets that boyfriends don’t know because then all the fun will be lost!

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