The Egyptian era was an era of gold. We’ve come across many Egyptian gods and their significance in shaping the Egyptian mythology. The ancient Gods of Egypt have been mentioned in many ancient books. The gods of Egypt have been one of the creatures, like the Jackal god or a part of nature, like the Sun god.

Here’s a list of some important gods of Egypt you would want to know about!

1. AMUN-Ra – “The Hidden One”

Amun Ra is considered as King of all Gods of Egypt. He is the most worshipped God. Amun Ra actually means the hidden light. Where Amun means “Hidden” and Ra means “Light”. It is said that during Greek civilization he was considered as the Egyptian symbol of Zeus. The God is considered as Father of the Pharaohs. As per the text found in one of the pyramids of the fifth dynasty, Amun Ra is shown as the main deity. The text shows him as a Universal Force. It is believed that he created himself.

2. MUT “The Mother Goddess”

The word Mut means Mother. Mut is said to be the Mother goddess and the queen of all gods of Egypt. She wears two crowns each representing Upper and Lower Egypt. Mut is described as the goddess of the sky. She is often referred to as the Lady of Heaven. “She who gives birth, but was herself not born of any”. Often depicted as a vulture. In Egypt vultures are viewed as caring, nurturing mothers with protective powers.

3. OSIRIS “The King of Living”

Osiris was “The King of Living”. Egyptian believe in an afterlife, i.e., the life after death. And Osiris is worshiped as the God of the afterlife. Osiris was considered as the God of Vegetation. It is said that Osiris was murdered by his own brother Seth. Then his sister Isis brought him back to life through Magic. Osiris’s son Horus avenged his father and became the new king of Egypt. To help Anubis Osiris went to the underworld to help and guide the dead.

4. ANUBIS “The Divine Embalmer”

One of the most significant gods of Egypt, Anubis – “The Divine Embalmer” guided the souls to the afterlife. He has the head of a Jackal and body of a man. He records the judgment of the dead. Anubis also acts as the guardian of the mummy. The psychopomps Anubis was the son of Ra and Nephthys.

5. RA “The God of Sun & Radiance”

Ra is the creator of the world and one of the most important Gods of Egypt. The God of Sun has a disk around his head. There is an important position for the God in the history of Egypt.  Shu and Tefnut are children of Ra. Where Shu is the god of the wind and Tefnut the goddess of the rain. When merged with Horus he came to known as Ra-Horakhty. Who ruled earth, underworld and the sky. In the new kingdom when Amun fused with Ra to be known as Amun-Ra.

6. HORUS “God of Vengeance”

The God of Vengeance is depicted as a Falcon. He is worshipped as the God of Sky, Light, and War. Horus is the son of Osiris and Isis. He avenged his father’s death and became then ruled the Egypt thereafter. The Eye of Horus was personified as the Goddess Wadjet. It is said that the war for vengeance went for more than 80 years. But in the end Horus rose victorious.

7. THOTH “God of Knowledge and Wisdom”

Thoth is the God of Knowledge and Wisdom. He was often depicted as a man with the head of a baboon. Animals were sacred to him. His wife was Maat, Goddess of truth and Justice.

Thoth was one of the significant Gods of Egypt and always had a major part to play as he was responsible for maintaining the universe. Later Thoth was also associated with magic, writing, and Judgement of the dead. He settled disputes between good and evil. He was self-created.

8. HATHOR “Goddess of Motherhood”

Hathor or thần hathor, the Goddess of Motherhood is the personification of love, joy, and motherhood. She is the one who welcomes the dead into the afterlife. She is often believed to be assisting women during childbirth. Hator is also the goddess of dance and music. She is symbolized by the cow, musical instruments.

9. SEKHMET “Goddess of War and Healing”

Sekhmet’s name means power and strength. She is the Goddess of war. She is the one who is  leading and protecting the Pharaohs in the war. The daughter of Ra, Sekhmet is also depicted as a lioness, which shows power and courage and is one of the renowned Gods of Egypt. She was known as “The Powerful One”. Sekhmet also assisted goddess Maat in the Judgement Hall of Orisis.

10. GEB “God of Earth”

Last but not the least in the list of Gods of Egypt, we have Geb. Geb, God of Earth is the one who allows the crops to grow. He has a viper around his head. He is considered the father of snakes. People believed that Geb’s laughter creates Earthquakes. He is the Offspring of Shu and Tefnut. He is the one who weighs the heart of the dead in the Judgement Hall of Osiris.

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