The Greatest Ironies of being a Woman


 We live in a world where certain things radically differ from what it appears to be. With time, a woman has become an enigma who is decoded by the perceptions and acuity of everyone rather than herself. Being a woman is a blessing in disguise. Here are some ironies of being a woman:

Greatest ironies of being a woman #1 Inconsistency of Ideals

Since childhood, girls are molded in such a manner that enhances their femininity. Reminiscing of the times when a little girl is handed over a pink color doll and a boy is given a blue color robot to play with, signifies the disparities between valor and gentleness.

Greatest ironies of being a woman #2 Duality of reality

One of the greatest ironies of being a woman is their exemption from entering into a temple when she is going through her ‘special’ days of the month. Such a situation reminds me of liberty that a man attains, despite, him being a rapist, deprave or a molester.

Greatest ironies of being a woman #3 Woman as a non-conformist

Another greatest irony in which a woman lives is that she is a rebellion if she chooses to live her life the way she wants. A simple example would be if a woman considers a boy as her friend. Then, she is given so many titles that even she gets confused as to in which world I live.

Greatest ironies of being a woman #4 Unveiling of a different angle

There are many ways in which woman is presented by the media. Despite, focusing on the evils of the society that are taking the life of it, the media focuses on the way a successful model or an actress faces a wardrobe malfunction that reveals her assets to the best.

Greatest ironies of being a woman #5 Journey from boundation to freedom

A woman travels a long distance from slavery to freedom. After realizing that she is subjected to a different kind of physical or mental violation, she becomes a slave of her own delusion and fantasies. She expects help from outside rather than helping herself. Isn’t it one of the biggest ironies of being a woman?

Women are now painting their own future where they are trying to create enough space for maintaining their individuality. Ultimately, a woman through her experiences of life learns to rebuild the fallen parts of her into an integrated whole.

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