Habits That Make You Susceptible to Depression


Depression had never been so unexceptional before than it is in today’s time. It is a common ailment in adults and teenagers, common man and celebrities. Depression can foster prolonged sadness and disinterest in engaging in activities that an individual once found pleasurable. It makes an individual feel more agitated, moody, insecure, angry, unable to deal with stress, unproductive, unenthusiastic, worthless! In short, it considerably decreases a person’s emotional stability. But do you realize, there are certain habits that make you susceptible to depression?

Depression can even bring about stern effects over an individual’s health. These effects are perceptible in a number of shortcomings a person suffering from depression may face. For instance, a person might gain or lose weight, sleep too much or find difficulty in sleeping, making movements of hands and feet without a reason, working or walking or speaking too slow, over thinking, thinking of or attempting to suicide. So you must have fathomed how grave is the problem of depression. Though people who undergo this complication seek medication or treatment from psychotherapists or psychiatrists.

Unquestionably, depression has a cause, it doesn’t just attack someone unexpectedly. It triggers and progresses slowly and it materializes due to a number of reasons. There could be existing family problems, loss of a loved one, or failure, low self esteem, negative thinking or over thinking, criticizing oneself and believing you have too many faults and therefore you must pity yourself, chronic pain or disease, consumption of alcohol or drugs, all of these reasons cause a person to become a victim of depression.

But do you know that depression is avoidable and it is our attitude and behavior that summons depression to enter our minds? It is your very actions and habits that make you susceptible to depression. It is not the fault of our minds but our inappropriate actions which gradually become our habits. These habits fill us with self-reproach and ultimately lead us to depression. So to avoid depression, you must avoid incorporating these habits into your life. Moreover, expressing your problems with loved ones can help you come out of depression.

Here are 5 habits that make you susceptible to depression!

1. You don’t count your blessings

You might be having a very hard time, things don’t seem to be working out for you. Moreover, you must have lost half your money, perhaps you feel neglected by your colleagues or classmates. You must be suffering from severe pain, you might have been repeatedly rejected for a job position. Additionally, you want success but your efforts fail to achieve that end. Perhaps you feel ugly or not beautiful enough. But believe me, just like you, there are millions out there who have problems similar to yours. But they are coping with them, that too as positively as they can.

There are people who have much less than you. You are educated while there are millions on this planet who have never learned to read and write. You feel ugly, look at the people who are disabled. If you are disabled, you still woke up in the morning and had your coffee, you are striving hard to get something but still not getting it. Well, let me inform you there are millions who are not even trying.

You lost a loved one. You still should love yourself and take care of yourself, because people love those who remain positive and healthy. This way you may never be lonely. If you feel lonely, still follow the rule of loving yourself and try to give company to the one who is lonely just like you. One of the most common habits that make you susceptible to depression is not counting your blessings. Do not be ungrateful for what God has not provided you, look at what he has.

2. You are constantly comparing yourself or your life with others

We all at a point in time in life feel jealous or inferior to someone or perhaps many, but we fail to realize, each individual is different from another. Even if you are flawed, your flaws distinguish your personality and you must accept yourself, you, of course, have exceptional qualities in you and your very own perspective of the world. How can you assume that you are in a competition with someone when you and your ‘contender’ do not start your day in a similar manner? Thus, comparing yourself with others is one of the worst habits that make you susceptible to depression.

3. Believing that every worst scenario will take place

Believing and focusing on the negative is also one of the worst habits that make you susceptible to depression. Low self-esteem coupled with efforts that don’t bring the required outcome has a strong tendency to push anyone into depression. We do have flaws which make us averse to ourselves, but don’t you feel we should not take things too seriously? We must always thrive to improve but practicing contentment should also go hand in hand, often thinking that thriving to work hard is going to prove too hard on yourself that you don’t labor enough. Already assuming the result, your responsibility is to do your best, believe in your ability. If you are incessantly working towards your goal, you will be successful sooner or later.

4. Believe those intoxicants are crucial for survival

drinking and smoking

Intoxications are one of the top habits that make you susceptible to depression. Often your addiction becomes a reason for your chiding yourself but you have too wanted of it that your body yearns it. But believe me, every addiction on this planet is avertable. You must take medication if it becomes necessary. Additionally, you must abandon all that is destroying your health and life, especially deeds which bring about self-reproach.

5. Still being around the venomous company

People who put you down and criticize you and never appreciate you for any of your achievements or for what you are or the people who simply wreak desolation in your life are such people who you must forsake. Hanging around with people who are venomous to you is one of the top habits that make you susceptible to depression. Be not around people who effectuate worry in your heart or engender self-doubt in you. You must live a cheerful and positive life.

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