(Health benefits of yoga) Once Legendary Mahatma Gandhi said, “Health is the real wealth not pieces of gold and silver” contrary to this amazing philosophy, find many people precious young life trying to gain wealth and then spend their money to regain health.

Health is really not something to acquire through tablets and surgeries. Healthy life style leads us to a healthy life with YOGA.

7 Health benefits of Yoga:

1. Refines Flexibility

#1 Health benefits of yoga: When we try to do an in-practise work we feel pain in our body so the reason behind it is an in-flexible movement we try to do in that work. Not everyone is flexible but we can make our body flexible with regular practice of yoga.

Flexibility is the prime benefit of Yoga. In the initial days of practicing yoga, we find it difficult to touch our toes and bend backward. However, after good training sessions, you will notice loosening of the body and hard poses will become easier to do you also notice that aches and pains disappear.

Health benefits of yoga

2. Builds Muscle strength

#2 Health benefits of yoga: Yoga also builds muscular power stronger muscles along with looking good do much more to strengthen our body protects us from back pain and helps in preventing falls in elderly people.

Health benefits of yoga

3. Controls B.P and diabetes

#3 Health benefits of yoga: Daily practice of Savasana, which involves simply lying on the couch, drops B.P and lowers Blood sugar and LDL (bad cholesterol) and improves HDL (good cholesterol) in people with diabetes.

Health benefits of yoga

4. Relax your body system

#4 Health benefits of yoga: Yoga makes a peaceful mind, encourages to relax, slow down our breath, increases blood flow and helps in good function of nervous system.

Health benefits of yoga

5. Helps you to Focus

#5 Health benefits of yoga: Focusing is the important components of Yoga Studies have found that regular yoga practice improves coordination, reaction time, memory, IQ scores and they are less distracted by useless thoughts.

Health benefits of yoga

6. Helps you sleep deeper

#6 Health benefits of yoga: Savasanam Pranayama and meditation encourage senses and provides down time for the nervous system. After a hard day out in work one really needs to rest but some people find it difficult to sleep in nights because of stress in converse to this studies tell that better sleep makes you less stressed and likely to have lower accidents so basic yoga practice makes you sleep well and stress-free.

Health benefits of yoga

7. Builds awareness for Transformation

#7 Health benefits of yoga: We only think to transform or change ourselves but we don’t put real efforts. Yoga and meditation build awareness the more aware you are the easier it is to break free of destructive emotions like anger. Yoga reduces anger by increasing feelings of compassion and calming the nervous system and mind. It also improves your ability to stay steady in tough situations of your own life instead of stepping back and lower suffering from yourself and others.

Health benefits of yoga

So folks, Yoga being oldest forms of exercise and gives good results in return makes us a tough person to handle situations and to stay healthy physically and mentally. One should do Yoga at least 15 minutes a day for good results to lead a positive and stress-free life.

Here are a few products that might motivate you to practice Yoga on a daily basis!

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