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Heuro app review

Have you ever wanted to learn, innovate, share your knowledge and connect with interesting people with interesting mindsets? We have got a fresh smartphone app called ‘Heuro’ that is going to help you do everything that is mentioned above. Here’s Heuro App review. Check it out!

We interviewed Akshay Bansal, the founder of Heuro and we are going all gaga over this interesting man!

TNG Reporter: Please tell us something about yourself!

Akshay: My name is Akshay Bansal. I am the founder of Heuro and Ambit (Media). I am credited with chemical engineering and an MBA. Apart of managing these platforms, I research about future economic-political-technological Society. The aim of my life is to bolster the transition from Information Age to Innovation Age so that world as a whole behave intellectually and creatively.

TNG Reporter: Woah! I can already smell some intellect. What is ‘Heuro’ and how did you come up with the idea of such an app?

Akshay: Heuro is a social learning platform, where people around the world come together to learn, create, connect and share knowledge, information and ideas with like-minded individuals to have the best intellectual and creative experience. It launched as an app on 18th April 2018 for Android and iOS platforms.

Since college days, I felt that there is a gap for the reading and writing platform for mobile interface and I tried many platforms for my own need but many failed to cater my need properly so, I researched and then thoughtfully created the platform to cater the intellectual needs of the individual and to promote the life long learning in the society!

TNG Reporter: What are your future plans? How do you plan to extend and grow your venture? 

Akshay: In the long run, there will be a need of mobile blogging and creativity platform and which we will cater to the world! We plan to grow Heuro as a user centric company and will move in the direction of our vision.

We plan to grow Heuro by targeting to intellectual and knowledge seeking students, creating many small networks of the college students and creating the social and intellectual ecosystem inside Heuro!

TNG Reporter: How is your venture different from the existing websites/apps in the same domain? Why should people visit your website/app? What would be the Heuro app review according to you?

Akshay: We work as a platform and our focus is on user for every aspect for example rather than using AI to provide the information based on its previous read and create a filter bubble. We empower user to be informed widely. Also, every article that the user writes and shares will display writer’s name on the summary/preview of the article.

There are many other innovative and user focused features like research and sticky notes! It is creative and innovative so it should definitely catch the eye of the people.

The app is available on Android Google Play and iOS App Store. You can even check out their Website.

You can check out their social media handles: InstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube, LinkedIn.

You can mail them at: [email protected] or contact them at +91 9897940807.

Heuro App Review: Innovation and creativity using social interaction. It is a fresh app in the list of existing blogging apps with an out-of-the-box concept. There are a number of interesting features of the app:

heuro features

Serving the curiosity and creativity

Heuro as a social media platform provides instant tools that help you quench your curiosity. Here is the list of Heuro tools!

1. User Feed

You can select from a number of news websites and blogs while signing up. Heuro provides the latest knowledge and information from those news and blogs in an organised way.

2. Research

Search results are organised in a systematic manner (Wikipedia to blogs to academia to books) to strengthen your knowledge about any topic in the world!

3. Instant Notes

Capture your instant ideas and information in one click and share them to your favorite notes app.

4. Mobile Blogging

Publish and share your articles, papers and essays using your mobile phone and document your intellectual and creative life.

Heuro as an educational app

Heuro can be turned into a virtual class room, where students can utilize the opportunity to learn, research, make notes, write an article or an essay and then tag the article created by the teachers or students. Other students can add to that to their favorites so as to read all the articles of that particular tag. Additionally, teachers and students can give their feedback anytime and anywhere which gives the collective learning experience.

Heuro App Review by The News Geeks

The News Geeks

Heuro is a new entry in the world of blogging apps with a slightly different concept of social learning along with discovering. Heuro app review: It is a symbol of sensibility and intellect.

The user interface of Heuro has subtle colors which is soothing to the eye. The concept of Heuro can be easily guessed by it’s interesting logo. The app isn’t just a social media app, it also gives the opportunity to learn. If used wisely, one can gain a lot of knowledge.

This app is beneficial for all age groups. Even students who have a curious mind and an interest in research can learn a lot from Heuro. Moreover, it is one of the best solutions for writing research papers, book reports and other research based projects. However, since the app has just launched in the market, it doesn’t have a big user database. So, there is not much scope of social connectivity and user posts until more and more people start using it. As soon as there is an increase in the number of users to about at least 500, the uses of social connectivity and interaction will be clearly visible.

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