Hidden Beach Mexico – Playa Del Amor


Picture this: A shining sun, glimmering water and happy children running up and down a beach. Women, sprawled out on their beach towels, soaking up the sun in all its glory and sipping Watermelon Margarita. Some men, playing water volleyball and a few dogs, running about, exploring and digging. A couple of children, huddled over a little sandcastle. And at distance, a girl looming over a book, lost in her own fantastical world. The joyous laughter of boys and girls on speedboats who go around splashing water. Now, picture this: The coolness of the insides of a cave, the eeriness of silence and edgy walls slowly closing in, giving it the chilling yet a venturesome appeal. But, have you ever pictured the two of these completely contrasting scenarios together? I bet you’ve never even thought of it before! Well, behold, MOTHER NATURE IS HERE TO BLOW YOUR HATS RIGHT OFF! We present to you the hidden beach Mexico – Playa del Amor.

hidden beach in Mexico

This is Playa Del Amor Mexico. The Hidden Lover’s Beach, on the Islas Marietas!

Here is everything you need to know about the exotic hidden beach Mexico, Playa del amor!

  • The large open roof cave reveals the hidden beach Mexico in all it’s beauty and splendor
  • But getting to this beach is not an easy task: One must first take a 60-minute boat ride and then kayak or swim through a tunnel to get there.
  • You can sunbathe, snorkel or just go exploring as the place is bursting with all sorts of flora and fauna!
  • Contrary to the name, Playa del amor Mexico has a story to it: The Cave Beach or the hidden beach Mexico, is a result of a bombing practice which was carried out by the Mexican Government during World War I as the Marieta Islands were and still are, very less inhabited.
  • The Marieta islands hidden beach is now a National Park to prevent any and all kinds of human intervention.

Here is a little video you can watch about the cave-engulfed beach of LOVE!

So if you’re looking to propose to your significant other, away from all the hustle bustle of the world, Playa del amor Mexico is the place to be!

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