(Holiday destinations in Queensland, Australia) Summer heat is on! Seems like you are wondering how to spend your summer vacation hassle free and planning to visit perfect holiday spots outside India so that your summers don’t get wasted but you’re being thrifty, don’t you?  If you really wish to make your summers fun and entertaining much as other people, want to run on sun-soaked sandy beaches or surf on the waters or are into wildlife photography, we recommend you to pick Queensland as your travel destination. This place is bizarre!

We bring you a list of the perfect holiday destinations in Queensland, Australia!

Dingo Beach

holiday destinations in Queensland: dingo beach

Those who are a nature lover, it’s a perfect sandy beach for them to find crystal clear waters and fishing. Besides, it also has pubs that serve the best wines in the world. It was formerly known as Whitsunday Region. It is a recommended visit beach for drinkers! 

Boodjamulla National Park

holiday destinations in Queensland: boodjamulla national park

If you are really into camping, no place is better than this park to have camping. Several opportunities like hiking, bird watching, canoeing, and kayaking are available in this park. Don’t miss out this place if you’re already in Queensland!!!

 Carnarvon Gorge

holiday destinations in Queensland: carnarvon gorge

Don’t get surprised if you find kangaroos here. This gorge is abode to kangaroos and platypus. Also, one can find the Aboriginal people here who roam in the gorge.

 Byfield Rainforest

holiday destinations in Queensland: byfield rainforestThis rain forest area is widely known for its cool beaches and is rich in flora and fauna. Thousands of visitors come here to see the beauty of Byfield rain forest ranch. The area has good accommodation facilities for the tourists that live there for days or weeks.

1770 / Agnes Waterholiday destinations in Queensland: 1770/Agnes waters

Nothing is beautiful than to watch the sunset over the blue waters. It is one of the best coastal towns to see the sunset over the waters. Tourists enjoy making trips to see Great Barrier reefs. The waters provide perfect waves for surfers, therefore, best known for professional surfers who come here annually.

In conclusion, Queensland provides you everything in an average budget for your summer vacation to be perfect and fun, hence you don’t have too much worry about your money.

Still wondering about your holiday plans! This place is perfect for you. Go and book your tickets to this place and make your summer vacation lively and enjoyable.

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