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(Horrifying Torture Techniques ever devised) Torture has been a brutal reality for many unfortunate people. In fact, in Rome, the rule was that slaves would be freely tortured. Many slaves and convicts were inflicted with pain, beaten and tortured via horrifying torture techniques.

Originating in the darkest corners of Human history, hold your nerves while we introduce you to some of the most horrifying torture techniques ever devised!


The Tub Torture

At number 1 in our list of horrifying torture techniques, we have “The tub”. This was a kind of punishment in which the victim was stripped naked and placed in the wooden tub with their head sticking out. The victim was forced to eat milk and honey as well as having it rubbed on their entire face. The food resulted in diarrhea with the victim eventually swimming in their own excrement. On the other hand, milk and honey on their face triggered flies and other insects which slowly devoured the victim’s body as they decayed alive, wallowing in their own filth.


The Rack

Introduced into the tower of London about 1420 by the Duke of Exeter, THE RACK was a bedlike open frame suspended above the ground which was designed to dislocate every joint from the victim’s body. The frame consisted of rollers at one or both the ends. The victim’s ankles were fastened to one roller and wrists to the other. As the interrogation progressed, the axles were turned slowly by poles inserted into the sockets which eventually resulted in the dislocation of joints with loud popping noises, snapping his muscles and ligaments and sometimes even ripping the limbs right off his body making it the worst among the horrifying torture techniques.


Braze Bull

Also known as the SICILIAN BULL, it is a hollow bronze bull which could fit a person inside it. One of the most horrifying torture techniques in the history, in which the victim was locked inside the bull and fire was set underneath it until the metal became literally yellow as it was heated. The victim roasted to death while screaming in agonizing pain. What was rather sadistic is the fact that the screams of the dying person resembled the bellowing of an angry bull.


Spanish donkey

Mostly used by the Spanish Inquisition during the late Middle Ages, SPANISH DONKEY was a sharply angled wooden device of triangular shape pointing upward that resembled a donkey-like apparatus. The naked victim was made to sit on the board (like riding a horse) and varying weights were added to his feet until finally, the wedge sliced through the victim’s body.


Breast Ripper

Though there are many horrifying torture techniques devised for women, however, this is by far the most gruesome one. Basically used for women criminals accused of adultery or self-induced abortion, the red-hot claws with spikes pierced through the victim’s exposed breasts, achieving a powerful grasp. The ripper was then pulled causing large chunks of flesh to come off with it. It often resulted in the death of the victim due to heavy blood loss or infection. This is indeed one of the most horrifying torture techniques.


Rat's torture

One of the sadistic methods of medieval times, Rat’s torture involved having a cage with the side proximal to the victim’s body left open. The cage was then filled with large rodents and a heating element was placed on the other side or on top of the cage. The intense heat of the element provoked the rodents to not only flee but burrow through the victim’s body in order to escape the heat, thus resulting in a fatality.


Heretics Fork

This metal device consisted of two opposed bi-pronged forks attached to a belt or strap on the neck while the person hung from the ceiling. One end of the device was pushed under the victim’s chin and the other end to the sternum. The device forced the victim not to doze off. In case his heads dropped, the prongs would pierce their throat and chest. Therefore, it is one of the most horrifying torture techniques ever!


Demonstration of Coffin Torture

One of the most prevalent torture and execution methods, COFFIN TORTURE had the victim stripped naked and placed inside a metal cage, with overweight victims forced into a smaller coffin for increased discomfort, after which the coffin was hung from a tree, gallows or city walls. The victim soon died of thirst, hunger or hypothermia. The onlookers hurled rocks and food at the victims to further the agony and humiliation. The body becomes a feast for the birds and insects to devour upon. As a result, the victim dies. This is a very cruel and gruesome method of torture making it one of the most horrifying torture techniques.


Tongue tearer

An effortlessly cutting oversized pair of scissors was regarded as one of the famous devices used for torture. It involved forcefully opening the mouth of the victim and then twitching the tongue with an iron tongue-tearer. After maintaining a firm hold, the person who punishes takes out the tongue-tearer. As a result, the tongue of the victim is cut.


Cement Shoes Torture

The list of horrifying torture techniques is incomplete without Cement shoes. Introduced by the American mafia as a punishment to the enemies, traitors, and spies, this method involved placing the victim’s feet inside the cinder blocks and then filling them up with wet cement. After this, the victim is thrown into the river. As a result, no one finds the victim again.

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