How Electricity Is Generated Using Old 500 Rupee Notes, Don’t Throw Them Away!


How electricity is generated using scrap 500 Rupee notes? Seems unsettling !! But that’s no longer a dream or something of the sort !!

Yes, now produce electricity using scrap 500 Rupee notes.


When the demonetization move hit the country last year in November and new notes were launched, everyone thought it was the worst possible position the country’s economy has been in the new millennium. But an innovative mind and a passion for doing something different motivate a person to make the best of a bad situation.


And this time a science student from Odisha did the same when he claimed to have generated electricity from scrap 500 notes that were thrown out by people after demonetization hit the country.

He goes by the name of Lachman Dundi, a 17 year old student who hails from Nuapada district in Odisha. Apparently he can use one single 500 rupee note to produce up to 5 Volts of electricity.

how electricity is generated

WHAT DUNDI DID? (how electricity is generated)

The silicon coating on the note is what he used to accomplish this. He tore up the note in pieces so that the coating was visible; exposed the silicon part to direct sunlight creating a mini solar project on its own. The exposed silicon part is then connected by wires to a transformer which can be used to generate electricity. Dundi says that if this energy is stored in batteries then it can be used as direct current for 24 hours.

Dundi took a mere 2 weeks to design his innovative project and implement it. He also built a transformer from scratch to store the energy as electricity into a battery. Thus, this is how electricity is generated from old 500 rupee note.

It all started as a college project but he thought it could be much more than that. So he wanted to increase the scope of his project beyond the academic level and bring it to some practical use. When nobody took notice of his innovations he wrote a letter to the PMO ; the Prime Minister seems to be very much interested in this idea of Dundi.


As of now the Odisha government is currently studying the project. Also they are likely to submit a report to the PMO soon.

Dundi comes from a very modest background as his father is a farmer. In order to support the expenses of his studies he sells LED bulbs in the local market to help his father make ends meet.

If the report from the Odisha government turns out to be positive then it would prove to be a drastic change in the financial condition of Dundi’s family. Also it can be a potential problem solver for the ongoing and ever increasing power demand of this country.

So now the silicon coating of the notes can be put to some actual use. We don’t need to just burn them away. So if you are still hiding some of those old 500 and 1000 notes, do not throw them away . It can potentially power a lot of houses for 24 hours or more . It can actually save Megawatts of electricity reducing some burden off of government.

Hats off to this kid’s innovative mind!!!

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