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Innovative ideas are those ideas which can be translated into valuable goods or services, returning some profit. Innovative ideas can be in several contexts like technological innovations or social innovations and so on. Above all the biggest question that comes in one’s mind is ” How innovative ideas arise” 

How Innovative ideas arise?

The Misconception

Most of the people have a misconception as to how innovative ideas arise; thus think that people with high IQ’s get innovative ideas; but as a matter of fact, that’s incorrect. Many people get ideas that may lead to innovation, but due to low self belief they do not pursue their ideas. So rather than thinking that you have low IQ just believe in your self and you will ultimately know How innovative ideas arise.

The Core Idea

The difference between the people who cause innovation and those who don’t succeed is “giving up”. People who don’t give up convert their ideas into innovations; those who give up remain at the position they were. Even Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before inventing the light bulb, so why give up?

Often, people assume innovation means having a fresh start or starting from scratch. But, starting from scratch is a bad idea.The most innovative ideas are just a combination of old ideas to which improvements are made. Let us take the example of human flight invented by the Wright Brothers; the first man made flight, but they got this idea from birds that had feathers and could use them to fly. Similarly, they used wings in place of feathers to make the flight and they were successful, they didn’t start from scratch.

Making even small improvements to things that already work is far better than starting overWhen you are dealing with a complex problem, it is usually better to build upon what already works. Any idea that is currently working has passed a lot of tests. Old ideas are a secret weapon. Why? Because they have already managed to survive in a complex world.So try to iterate instead of trying to originate.

Also many innovations arise due to interesting problems and people who want to solve them. This can be done by utilizing existing ideas and technology to it’s fullest. Like Tim Berners Lee got frustrated at the complex information sharing system at CERN, that he started the World Wide Web. This is how innovative ideas arise so you should just keep trying and any great idea can come in your mind.

how innovative ideas arise: innovation

 Why is innovation necessary?

Ever wondered why are we so concerned about How innovative ideas arise or why is innovation necessary. In today’s world, innovation is the priority of most of the companies. In fact, 93% of the global CEO’s believe their organisation’s success depends on its ability to innovate. However, only 14% of the organisation are satisfied with their innovation efforts. Rest 86% are unsatisfied. So there is a lot of scope of innovation at the present and even in the near future.

So instead of feeling low or demotivated on a failure, never give up. Keep working on your ideas and success will be yours. 

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