Today, Let us talk about something other than news and happenings around the globe. Let us talk about how to be happy.

Being happy is often associated with time, and your mood depends upon the situation. If all is going well and good, you would be happy and smiling, otherwise you would be seen carrying a frown on your face.

how to be happy

But how many people are there who smile even in hard times?

When you stay around such people, a positive energy builds up that motivates you to stay happy and smiling even in the most stressful conditions and tells you that life has more to it than just problems.

How to be happy #1 Smile. I know it is easier to say than to do

how to be happy

Yes, but then once you know how to smile through hardships, you will not find any situation tough. Rather, you will take every new situation in life as a challenge and learn to tackle everything without any support. This gives you confidence and self-motivation.

How to be happy #2 Youth, get over with your blues

Young people tend to get depressed and demotivated very easily. Some even get to the extent of killing themselves as in their opinion, it is the solution to every problem. But this is never a solution. Instead, it creates bigger a problem for those who are close to them.

how to be happy

Whenever such a thought provokes your mind, think of the good things in your life, and how your family, friends and loved ones will be affected if you take such a step.

Friends are always the best keepers of your old memories and whenever you think of a friend, you will find an unintended smile on your face. That is the true essence of friendship.

How to be happy #3 Be in love with yourself

When one is in love with himself, he never thinks of doing any harm to himself. Rather, he would take many things casually and run things smoothly.

how to be happy

How to be happy #4 Have a good sense of humor and laugh it off

When you have a good sense of humor, you know how to make tense situations light, or laugh off a rude comment by someone.

how to be happy

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