So, it’s Valentine’s Day today and your friends, family and almost everyone around is busy with their special day. But are you still a loner? Still waiting to be found or eagerly looking for someone? So here you are, reading the right kind of stuff wherein you can learn How to find a valentine if you are single.

Of course, you will have to change certain things if you want desired results. Because we all know NO PAIN, NO GAIN.

So, here’s how to find a Valentine!

Rule number 1: Tidy up yourself

One of the most basic tips on ‘how to find a valentine’ is tidy up yourself. Because you desperately need a valentine it is important that you first and foremost make yourself presentable. With presentable we mean you need to be clean. Proper grooming is a must for boys. Trim your beard and get a hair cut. And if a girl please go ahead and wax yourself and getting a perfect hair cut goes the same with you.

Rule number 2: Dress to impress

Of course, you want compliments, so please dress to please people around and not just yourself. With this I am not asking you to go overboard and do something you are not comfortable with. But of course, you can ask your prospective partner(the one you are eyeing)  in a general conversation “What would his/her dream date be wearing?” If that suits you, you are good to go out and if not don’t worry there are many other things that can impress other than the dress.

how to find a valentine if you are single

Rule number 3: Confidence is the key

Confidence itself brings a positive attribute to your personality and it is one of the best tips on ‘How to find a Valentine’. Confidence brings a drastic change to your gait and trust me people love it when you are confident. Carry yourself with grace and feel comfortable with your skin, your dress and with yourself. Because a confident vibe, attracts a tribe.

how to find a valentine if you are single

Rule number 4: Engage in interesting conversations

After you have found someone who you think is good enough for you, you shouldn’t be waiting for the other person to do all the talking. Wait for the right opportunity and start straight away. But please do some research about what that person likes and dislikes so that there are no long pauses in between the conversation. You can gel over music, games, good books and what not.

how to find a valentine if you are single

Rule number 5: Drop hints

Well, this sounds a bit cliched but don’t worry that’s a tried and tested formula. For instance, while at a party or morning walk you may end up admiring someone so, it is important for that person to know that. You can do that by dropping hints. This does not mean you start staring someone uncomfortably or do inappropriate gestures. But of course, you can smile after an eye contact. And if you have a friend crush then please create that amicable environment for both of you to enjoy. So that it isn’t difficult for either of you to admit what you feel about the other person.

how to find a valentine if you are single

So, these were some tips for ‘How to find a Valentine’. And I am sure with all these tips you are not going to be alone the next Valentine’s Day. All the best.

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