how to know if it's love

Love at first sight? Do you really think this is possible? Well, it is a debatable topic and we shouldn’t go much insight into it. Love is a strong emotion that is felt by heart but sometimes it can be a mere physical attraction towards someone, which is taken to be love. It gets very difficult to judge whether you are in love with someone or not? Sometimes, what you feel for the other person is lust and not love. You’re physically attracted towards them and only want to indulge in a physical relationship with them. In that case, how to know if it’s love or lust?

Here’s how to know if it’s love or lust!

1. Physical Attraction

physical attractionHow to know if it’s love or lust? Every relationship has physical intimacy between the two partners. But if there is only physical intimacy in any relationship then that relationship has no love in there. It is only lust. If your partner admires your body and your soul, praises you even when you’re sick or in your pyjamas. Then this is true love. He/ she admires you and your body in every way. But if your partner wants you to be well dressed every time and only compliments you for your body, then my dear you need to check into your relationship status and question yourself whether it is actually love or lust. Because anyone who admires your body but not you is definitely not in love with you.

2. Emotional Support

emotional support

Sharing a relationship with anyone doesn’t mean to fulfill their physical needs but with it come to a lot of responsibilities. You need to take care of the well being of your partner, there emotional well being. When you want to your partner, these are the signs you’re falling in love. They will make sure you’re happy and without any stress. Whereas when your partner is only there for lust, he/she will be least interested in knowing your mental state. It wouldn’t bother them whether you are fine or not. They won’t make any efforts to check on your happiness. So, you’ll know whether its love or lust!

3. Love Outside The Bedroom

love outside the bedroom

Your lover shares a beautiful and caring relationship with you not only in the bed but everywhere else as well. How to recognize love? When in love, your partner would want to spend time with you. No matter whether that would lead to sex or not. They will take you on weekend dates, would watch movies with you, listen to your insane jokes. But when there is lust in your relationship, nothing like above would happen. Even if you go out for dates that would only end up in bed. Neither your partner will take interest in your verbose nor they would pay attention to your silly jokes.

4. Solving issues


Every relationship has its ups and downs but how you handle them tells all about your love status. When your partner lusts over you, they would always threaten to leave you in distressing situations. But when you love someone you will make every possible effort to keep your loved one by your side. You would never leave them even if the situation gets worst. Love has that power to keep you together when everything seems to be falling apart. So, if your partner is there for you no matter what, never be dubious about his/her love.

5. How Much You Know Each Other

How well do you know each otherThere are certain signs you’re in love with her or him. If you love someone you want to make them happy. Everything that is related to them excites you. Be it their favorite movie, music series, color, food and everything else. But if you are with someone who is simply attracted towards you will never try to know about you. They will hardly care about your choices. Lust never lets you adore anyone, it only results in a temporary relationship where the two partners are merely connected by physical admiration. So, if your partner is least concerned about you, then you need to think twice before planning your future with them.

How to know if it’s love or lust? The best advice anyone could give you is that, follow your heart and you’ll know. Introspect your relationships and see if it is love or lust!

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