Being In a relationship is a wonderful experience. It has its own happy and bad moments. But as long as everything goes smooth, it feels like a bliss. Every person in a relationship goes through some hard times also. There are ‘rough patches’ in every relationship. So, how to make a relationship last?

So, here is a list of tips on how to make a Relationship last forever!

1. Make some time

This is one of the important answers to the most asked long distance relationship questions. You should make time to devote to your relationship. Everyone is overwhelmed with work, but you should give some time to your partner every day, if possible—manage your priorities.

2. Maintain Proper Communication

At number 2 in the list of tips on how to make a relationship last is keeping communication. One of the long distance relationship problems is communication. Keep the communication lines with your partner open. You should try to let your partner know what you want clearly. Also, listen to his/her demands. Whenever taking some big step, it is always better to consult them and listen to their point of view.

3. Admit Your Mistakes

As the famous adage goes ‘To err is human’. You will commit mistakes (everybody does)—doing something you should do. But don’t hesitate to admit these mistakes and apologize whenever required.

4. Forgive

How to make a relationship last forever? Learn to forgive. ‘To err is to human, to forgive is divine’. When your partner makes some mistake, be willing to forgive. It helps to heed the lessons of the mistake but forgiveness is a noble virtue.

5. Look for the Positives

Emphasizing the ‘negatives’ is only going to make situations worse. Try to overlook small ‘negatives’ and focus on ‘smallest positives’. This is going to be helpful, not only in relationship but in life, as general.

6. Encourage Each Other

One of the best tips on how to make a relationship work is to encourage. Don’t hold back your partner from achieving their goal. Instead, encourage them to get into the world and live the life they want to live. They will appreciate this encouragement.

7. Compromise

You are right yet you have to step back. These types of situations are common in relationships and you should be willing to compromise in such instances. You should look the matter from other’s point of view also before acting.

8. Change

Be willing to change if you want your relationship to last. You can’t hold back to your ideas, beliefs all the time. You should change in order to incorporate the ideas of your partner. Always remember that it is a two-way affair.

9. Respect his/her friend circle

One of the best strong relationship tips is to be nice to your partner’s friends. Don’t be rude to your partner’s friends, if you don’t like them. You should respect them, even if it is superficial.

10. Be Patient

The list of tips on how to make a relationship last is incomplete without patience. Patience helps in nearly every situation of life. Be patient and let the things go smoothly. Do not complicate things while trying for something more.

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