How well do you know Magnus Carlsen? A commanding lead on the world chess federation’s at a very young age, the second youngest Grand Master in the history of chess only at the age of 14. This could be a miracle but not a coincidence. There is no one who can beat Magnus Carlsen at chess.

How well do you know Magnus Carlsen, a world chess champion?

“Coming events cast their shadows long before”



His full name is Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen. Born and brought up in Norway, this divine soul was born on 30th November 1990 by Sigrun Øen and Henrick Albert Carlsen. Both the parent of this living legend were engineers by profession. This talented soul showed his talent and started accepting challenges at very young age.

Magnus as a child


Magnus was very creative and intellectual from the very beginning. He possibly could solve 50 piece jigsaw puzzle at the age of 2. His father was his icon and his very first mentor who introduced him to the game of chess at age 5. Right from his childhood, he was very much into sports. “Find The Plan” by Bent Carlsen was the first book that he read. Not only he reads or writes but also he sharpens his skills by playing solely for hours and hours. Later country’s Top Grandmaster ‘Simen Agdestein’ became his coach and deepened his knowledge of chess.

Carlsen with his father


From 2000 to 2002 he almost played 3000 tournaments. After completing secondary education at a sports school, he was placed 9th in World under-14 championship. He became very first GRANDMASTER norm at the age of 13 years and 148 days. Furthermore, in sixth Dubai Chess Championship this legend got his third and final Grandmaster norm at the youngest age in history. Only at the age of 12 years and 7 months, his rank was 10 in the World. But he was not satisfied yet. Again a match with Vishwanath Anand, this time he ranked no. 2. Moreover, in 2003 he won WORLD RAPID CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP.

Also in one of the interview, Carlsen shared that for him playing is fun, playing is motivation, playing is an interesting activity. Additionally, he revealed that he will continue his game till 30, 40 or could be 50 years of his age. This is how a true passion is defined.

Carlsen’s winning moment

In 2006 Carlsen, qualified for a place in Corus B group and stood first with 9/13. At traditional International ‘BOSNA’, Carlsen acquired the first position. But, it was a gloomy evening for Carlsen fans at 2006 Norwegian Chess Championship. Carlsen was extremely close to winning but he lost in the last round to Berge Østenstad. However, this silence was not for long, after 2 ties, Carlsen finally won both the Rapid games in round two securing First position in Norwegian Championship.


He is the most popular and stylish person in the history of Chess. An Article in ‘The Times Of India’ also revealed that Vishwanath Anand asked him to join for dinner in their first meet in Mexico.

Magnus Carlsen’s match against Vishwanathan Anand

Carlsen’s aggressive and fearless playing has now become a universal style. Many films and books were written and directed on his life. This chess champion also won the chess Oscars in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. He is the most awarded Chess player in the world. In addition to his achievements in Chess, he was among “The Most Sexiest Men” in 2013. In 2015, he became the Winner of inaugural Grand Chess Tour.

No one can ever beat Magnus Carlsen at chess.

Three main reasons why he is a legend in the history of chess

●His confidence

●An outstanding player

●His clear perceptions about his dreams.

We should always be confident about our Dreams. They are our strengths.


How well do you know Magnus Carlsen now? Isn’t he fabulous?

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