IIT Blacklisted Companies


Being the placement season, The Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) are bursting with activity. Many companies are keen to hire IIT graduates every year. But, this year, 28 companies entered the list of IIT blacklisted companies. Moreover, the decision was taken by The All-India Placement Committee. AIPC of all IITs has also announced its decision to reduce the number of companies visiting campuses on the first few days. The move has an aim of de-stressing students during the placement season.

IIT blacklisted 28 companies

Placements by companies visiting IITs on the first 4-5 days will also be extended by two days to ensure that students are not forced to appear for multiple interviews. The placement season is the most stressful time for all students. This move will surely be beneficial for many.

The panel responsible for campus hiring across all the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in the country has also blacklisted 28 companies. Furthermore, it has put a ban on these companies from recruiting students for a year after filing of several complaints against them. The AIPC had prepared the blacklist on August 14, 2016.

List of 28 IIT blacklisted Companies

The most notable companies that are on the list include:

  • Johnson Electric
  • China
  • Portea Medical
  • GPSK
  • Cashcare Technologies
  • Pepper Tap
  • Lex Innova
  • LeGarde Burnett Group
  • Mera Hunar
  • The Indus Insight, etc.

Reasons for blacklisting

The reasons for blacklisting include everything from revoking of offers as in the case of GPSK, Portea Medical, Peppertap and Cashcare Technologies to a delay in joining dates as with Indus Insights and Lex Innova. LeGarde Burnett Group not just revoked offers but also the company was found to be fake with no proper office address. While Mera Hunar came with a different name and hired students for another startup.

IIT blacklisted 28 companies

Interestingly, despite delaying offers, Flipkart does not feature among the list of IIT blacklisted companies. After a face-off with the IITs, the e-commerce major had offered to arrange internships for affected students as a stopgap measure.

The IIT administration issued a notice to announce the unprecedented move. This move was celebrated by IIT students from all over the country.

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