In a country like India where people are movie buffs, the celebrities certainly have a larger influence among masses. And the charity they do is an extension of their personality. It serves a dual purpose of serving the people and increasing their fan base. Some of them have been working continuously for the social development in the society and are indulged in various charitable gestures. So, here are 7 celebrities who own charities.

Shabana Azmi

celebrities who own charitiesShe is a well known social activist and has raised her voice on a variety of issues. Her main area of focus is the children and women’s right. She founded an NGO named ‘Mizwan’ after the village Mizwan in U.P. This NGO helps the deprived children in their education. She has also set up a school, college and computer center to educate the poor children of the village. Shabana has also fought against the stigma and injustice of those associated with AIDS.

Salman Khan:

celebrities who own charities

He is the most charitable celebrity, always in news for his good deeds. The actor works for the welfare of deprived children and also helps them in their education and healthcare. He started a NGO ‘Being Human’ which has grown to be the most famous organizations in the country. He supports three schools and has helped initiate heart surgeries of over 600 kids. Salman keeps making charitable donations.

Nafisa Ali:

celebrities who own charities

The actress has supported various causes founding the Orissa Cyclone Relief Fund. She has helped in re-creating houses in 48 villages of Gujarat (destroyed in 2001 earthquake). Nafisa started a care home called ‘Ashraya’ for people affected by AIDS. She headed the Congress Human Rights Commission in Delhi and led several women’s association. She is one of the first Indian celebrities who own charities.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:

celebrities who own charities

She is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has promised to donate her eyes to the Eye Bank Association of India. Aishwarya also started and runs a foundation ‘Aishwarya Rai Foundation’ to help the poor. In the year 2009, the actress became the First Goodwill Ambassador of the international organization Smile Train. In 2014 she took an oath to pay for cleft surgeries of 100 children.

Rahul Bose:

celebrities who own charities

This exceptional actor is one of the first bollywood celebrity to become the Oxfam Global Ambassador in 2007. This campaign works for the treatment and relief of people living in harsh environment in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He is an active member of the campaign ‘World Without Discrimination’ and with same purpose started another NGO ‘The Foundation’. This organization provides education for the children with lower economic group in Andaman. He is also the founder of the Group of Groups which is a parent organization of about 51 charitable organizations.

John Abrahamcelebrities who own charities

Very few people know about this actor’s participation with charitable foundations. He is an active member of PETA and has donated large amount of money to the organization. Being an animal lover he has been working for the Animal Rights for a very long time. He even has his own group ‘John’s Brigade for Habitat’ that works for providing shelter for needy. In addition to PETA and his own group, he is involved in many other foundations.

Gul Panag:

celebrities who own charities

Gul has always been keenly connected to the social work. Hence, supports reasons like gender equality, education, addiction awareness, employment and disaster management. She is a part of ‘Gul 4 Change’ and ‘Col. Shamsher Singh Foundation’. The former miss universe is a part of Shraddha Charitable Trust which treats young autistic adults. She has done a lot for people suffering from deadly diseases.

So, these are one of the prominent Indian celebrities who own charities and are putting in their needful to help the society!

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