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(The Indian Meme Culture) Every Indian has encountered memes. In fact, they often create ones with horrible puns and even enthusiastically share them with every family WhatsApp group they are a part of. But they are often ignorant of the umbrella term ‘Meme’. A meme can be defined as a reproducible image, reaction or statement that mostly in the guise of a joke that the internet overuses and then casually discards. Surprisingly, the Indian social media is very strong in terms of memes. The number of Indian millennials on the Internet trolling Alok Nath and Arnab Goswami are limitless.

Unlike the western world which mostly has a uniform meme structure, the Indian meme culture not only vigorously adds desi touches to the temples of the west but also has its own range of memes.

To sample a few:

1. The Salman Khan Verdict

The Salman Khan Verdict

Salman Khan’s court case about him being accused of running over people on the footpath is no light matter. But the Indian twitter had a ball making every joke in the textbook about the widely anticipated court drama.

2. Alok Nath

Alok Nath

Alok Nath is famous for playing the sanskaari father in many Indian movies. He has since become synonymous with the torchbearer of Indian Dharma. And is often a subject of many memes due to his typecast roles. This meme blew out of proportion and resulted in many people stalking Alok Nath. And when they found pictures of him with alcohol, the Indian twitter rejoiced with even more memes.

3. Modi and Obama

Modi and Obama

Modi is known for his extremely friendly relationships with world leaders. Especially with his firm handshakes and enthusiastic hugs. The Twitterati were quick to notice the unusual camaraderie between Prime Minister Modi and Former US President Barack Obama. And the indian meme culture wasted no time in meme-ing everytime Modi and Obama picture there was.

4. Taher Shah

Taher Shah

Taher Shah is a music composer who released his album Angel which was… questionable. It had him dressed in a blue gown as an Angel. Needless to say, he was mercilessly named by the internet folks. This isn’t the first brush with trolling that Taher Shah has had. From his first song Eye To Eye, he had developed a, somewhat, cult-like following. And has been describing as ‘Pakistan’s fastest growing Internet celebrity’ by Dawn in 2013.

5. India Vs Pak MatchesIndia Vs Pak Matches

The two neighbors are quite competitive when it comes to Cricket. The people of the respective countries are extremely investing in the game and every time there is a face-off, passions are bound to flare. When the matches have that much-invested hopes and prayers, the players too play like winning is their moral duty. Of course an event that big brings with it a lot of opportunity for the Indian meme culture. Both countries seem to have chosen memes as the choice medium to troll the opposition team.

6. Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami is a loud and opinionated Indian Journalist. He is most famous for the debates he conducts on his show. These often escalates into a chaotic shouting match where no line of thought can be deciphered. Many of his defenses are often instantly meme with gifs of him used by nearly any Indian with a twitter account. Arnab Goswami with his unabashed and relentless pursuit of an answer for India and his staple ‘India Wants To Know’ is undoubtedly an easy target for trolls

7. Region Specific Memes

Region Specific Memes

India is a diverse country and this diversity extends to the meme culture of different cities and states too. From the Delhi Pollution to Mumbai Rains and Trains to the Bangalore Traffic. Every issue in every state has been sufficiently meme.

8. Rajinikanth


The Indian meme culture is incomplete without Rajinikanth memes. Rajinikanth is frequently observing in larger than life movies and he dearly loves for these roles. This typecasting has placed Rajinikanth as the prime Indian superhero. Find something you can’t explain? Rajinikanth did it. He is the prime staple of the Indian meme culture and dearly adored by all meme-stars.

9. Alia Bhatt

alia bhatt

Once upon a time, Alia Bhatt accidentally messed up the name of the President of India on a TV show and she has not seen the end of it. She has become a typecast in the Indian version of the Blonde jokes. She has become a poster girl for the rich, spoilt Bandra Girl memes. But the woman has taken it with grace and even replied with a funnier response video. Proving that most Indians do know how to take a joke.

10. Indian Father

Indian Father

The typical Indian father is frequently observing as a strict man who has no appreciation for weakness. The somewhat rigid expectations and strong dislike that older Indian society has for western society are properly typified by the Indian Father meme.

Well after all that, who dares say Indians can’t take a joke. So, this was all about the Indian meme culture.

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