People Belonging To Indian WhatsApp Groups


(People Belonging To Indian WhatsApp Groups) In the 21st century, our development is fast-paced and tech-oriented. One can’t survive in tandem with changes unless they keep up with the technology and learn to be updated. This is often a complaint that Indian elders seen to have in regards to these developments undermine our ‘Sanskaar’. But then along came WhatsApp. The number one instant messaging app and it boomed in India and brought along with it millions of Indians into the growing global bubble of the internet.

The Effects of Indian WhatsApp Groups

The Indian Whatsapp Groups are their own genre of internet existence. One would not associate any activity involving the internet as ‘disconnected and closed off from the rest of the world but that’s exactly what the Indian Whatsapp Groups (IWG) have managed to do. There are many eccentritues of the IWG. But in order to understand exactly how sad the field view is, I must introduce you to the various components of a typical Indian WhatsApp group.

1. The Good Morning Person

Good Morning by WhatsApp person

When Indians learnt that sending the image of 75 flower pots over placed by ‘Good Morning’s in a bad font costs the same as a sober ‘good morning’ message, they decided to go big. This person will send the group a regular good morning picture with really bad stock photos of flowers, birds and children. They also consistently send images that misquote everyone from Thomas Edison to Thomas Jefferson. No personality of historical importance is safe from their generic advice quotes.

2. The Freebie Person

The Freebie Person

This old fellow doesn’t know how the internet works. He is the master perpetrator of spam on the most famous Indian WhatsApp groups. He believes that if one forwards a message to 75 groups, he will win an iPhone in the lottery. Hun, if things could be won by forwarding whatsapp messages, every 15 year old in the country would be buying themselves mansions. Nothing on the internet is free. This is only an illusion that people seek to set up and if you’ve fallen prey to this, the reality of the web world will swallow you up. Unfortunately, the person of this species is highly persistent so it may take more than 50 spam trains before they even start doubting these concepts.

3. The Heavy Message Person

the heavy message person

The Indian WhatsApp groups has a human that probably has a very good Wi-Fi connection. Which is why they think sending 20 minute long videos or recordings of radio shows on groups with a hundred people. This person is the biggest pest for those people who actually go out during the day and happen to be on their data. They are often subject to a lot of silent curses. Also, if you are part of more than one group together, don’t even dare to imagine that this person would be satisfied with sending these spam videos to just one group. Oh no. That is dissatisfying to their life’s purpose of attaining complete spamdom.

4. The social service agent

Hillarious WhatsApp Spams

This person belonging to Indian WhatsApp groups may have little to no human compassion in real life. But one WhatsApp, they make up for this by forwarding every message they come across. Now, I’m not against using whatsapp to save lives. And I’m sure with proper execution we can all do this. But most of the messages of accidents or missing plaints they forward are outdated it false. And the numbers they share for this social service are often catfishes.

This person only forwards every thing in lieu of good karma but they aren’t very concerned about the genuinity of the content at all. This brings in a serious argument for WhatsApp to bring in a report feature for certain sets of spam posts that are violent, graphic and not meant for a pg-13 environment.

5. The Writer

writing long messages on whatsapp

Do not mistake these for the real writers who write books of advice of poems with priceless quotes. Those writers write to share their purpose and art. But these people simply write to make it to the spam status of whatsapp groups. These long long posts often include very horrible quotes, long messages on how social media is ruining the relationships of today. You know what Mr. Writer? They really are.

6. The Doctor/Lawyer/Tech guru

Fed up woman over whatsapp

This genius will send you a 10K word message on the importance of Amla that your mother will quote to you word by word the next day. Not allowed to eat Maggi anymore? Blame this guy because he told your mother that it remains undigested for 7 years. Next time your grandmother chides you for drinking coke, you know who to blame. This genius starts gems like Facebook causes Cancer and that depression is a fake hoax or that 9/11 is an inside job. They do not require any form of legitimate proof to start spreading their own tales

Just like the Indian society, the Indian WhatsApp groups are filled with a wide variety of eccentric and colorful characters. But it’s all geld together in the grand Indian tradition of love and celebrations. So no matter how annoying their spams get, at the end of the day, it remains Indian in spirit and heart.

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