Indulging Web series to Binge-watch this Weekend!


The weekend is upon us. While the social, gossip mongering crowd is dressing up to the nines and hogging the Snapchat limelight, the slightly introverted, solace loving lot is giddy to finally stay at home all alone. So, put on your baggiest pyjamas, brew a Starbucks-style coffee for yourself and put some popcorn in the microwave to pop, while I prepare a seasoned list for ya’ll to binge-watch web series this weekend!


1. TVF Pitchers Web Series

This series follows the lives of four professionals who quit their jobs to work on a mutual start-up. Their conviction, hard work and hope, coupled with frustration, ensues hilarity in their eventful lives. Consequently, it guarantees immense fun and entertainment. Definitely on the top of the list of web series for me.

web series


2. TVF Permanent Roommates

This rom-com about a quintessential couple and their on again off again romance is oddly a story for all to thoroughly relate with. As a matter of fact, the storyline and acting is superb. The guy wants to get married as soon as possible, but the girl still wants some time to think over her career prospects. But this doesn’t mean that she loves him any less!

web series


3. TVF Tripling

A sister in an unstable marriage, a recently divorced brother and another unemployed, on-the-run, chilled bro, seek solace in one another on this very epically adventurous road trip home.

web series


4. Bang Baaja Baaraat

Your guide to get your overtly traditional and orthodox families to agree on a match definitely made in the digital era 101. Finally, quirky traditions and awkward “meet the families” will have you rolling on the floor within seconds!web series


5. Bindass’s Girl in the City

An ambitious small-town girl finds home in the metropolitan city of Mumbai and dreams of becoming a fashion designer. From her discovery of the lip-smackingly good Vada Pavs to the cute guy next door, this bubbly girl is probably all of us.web series

6. Little Things

A concept that reinforces the idea of “It truly is all about the little things in life”. A live-in relationship that inspires love during couple quarrels. Moreover, hope at the end of a rumbling tummy food quest, ‘Little Things’ gives us all the fuzzy feelings in our tiny tummies and SOME MAJOR RELATIONSHIP GOALS!

web series


7. All About Section 377

A straight guy. Two gay guys. This web series focusses on the struggles the LGBT community faces in India. Furthermore, the ups and downs in their lives, with a salt-pepper sprinkle of fun and laughter.web series


8. The Trip

Four girls (No, it’s not like the ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ but DEAR GOD THOSE GIRLS ARE GOALS MATERIAL) embark upon a road trip and catch up on one another. Some hidden lies, some shocking secrets. In fact, if you could get your girl gang to watch this web series with you, it would be great!web series

Time to unhook the phone, log off from Facebook and Snapchat and enjoy!

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