10 Interesting Facts About Alcohol


Alcohol has been with us for centuries. For some, it is a dear friend while some consider it to induce violence. Throughout history, its form has evolved. Nowadays, there are different varieties of alcohol and there are many interesting facts about alcohol that are unknown to many. So, if you are one of those guys who loves alcohol, then this is definitely for you. Even if you are not an alcohol lover you will surely love reading this.

Here’s the list of interesting facts about alcohol!

1. Drinking is in genes

Ape drinking

A research from the University of California reveals that there is a genetic basis for human’s attraction to alcohol (ethanol). One of the most interesting facts about alcohol is that researchers believe that the attraction to alcohol is because of genetic mutation. The researchers added, that the alcoholism is actually affected by both environmental and genetic factors.

When acetaldehyde is not broken down, the accumulation can lead to unpleasant effects. Researchers also believe that the accumulation of acetaldehyde can actually stimulate drinking. The Environment also affects plays a major role in alcoholism. The reason can also be that the ancestor of homosapians had a high dependence on fruit as a food source. And it developed a genetic attraction to ripe and overripe fruit. Which contain ethanol.

2. Alcohol in space


One of the most shocking facts about alcohol is that, a giant massive cloud of alcohol is floating in space, about ten thousand light years far from earth. This giant cloud of alcohol is actually 1000 times larger than the diameter of our solar system. It can fill 400 trillion trillion pints of beer.

Actually, alcohol is an organic compound, which is one of the building blocks of life. This increases the probability that can give us hints about the beginning of life in the cosmos.

3. The Booziest


According to a 2011 World Health Organization study, South Korea is the booziest country in the world. For 12 consecutive years, Jinro Chamisul Soju has been the world’s best-selling soju. It comes with a great taste and quality.

4. Champagne is dangerous


There are 49 million bubbles in a champagne. There is an immense pressure of 90 pounds per square inch inside the bottle. It is about three times the pressure in tires of a car. This all sums up that a popped cork could cause disaster, in other words, can literally take the eye out. Thus, it is one of the most interesting facts about alcohol.

5. Beer day

International Beer Day

The list of interesting facts about alcohol also includes that there is an official holiday in Iceland on first March. This day is known as “Beer Day”. The beer was prohibited in Iceland until March 1, 1989. On this day Iceland declared that Beer was legal. This declaration led to celebrations and people cheering on the streets.

6. Drinking age


One of the most interesting facts about alcohol, in the United States, the current drinking age is 21. Whereas about 10% of the world has no drinking age barrier, i.e. about 19 countries. However, there are a number of countries which have a minimum drinking age.

Whereas only 16 countries have strict laws on drinking at any age these include Afghanistan and Somalia.

7. Alcohol And Pregnancy

Pregnant lady

Is drinking safe for a pregnant woman? One of the most shocking alcohol facts is that, a study suggests that women who drank one glass of wine in a week, their children had greater behavioral and emotional well-being than the ones who are refrained from drinking. Although CDC still asks women to restrain from alcohol as there can be other bad effects of alcohol. There are many doctors who find that an occasional glass of wine is harmless for the unborn child.

8. The Federal Poisoning Plan

People Celebrating

The list of alcohol facts also includes that there were 31 alcohol-related deaths and countless others desperately ill in New York between December 25 and 27, 1926.

There was a prohibition on Alcohol in 1920. With the law enforcement, the denaturation of alcohol began by adding toxic chemicals.

TIME magazine noted in 1927, that three ordinary drinks created by the government would cause blindness. The government said that the people who consumed alcohol did so on there own free will. The government insisted that they held no responsibility. This prohibition ended after 5 years. And at least 10,000 people had died by then due to toxic alcohol.

9. Coffee to the rescue


Coffee could reverse the liver damage caused by alcohol to a great extent. Not only this, one of the most interesting facts is that, by cutting down alcohol and having proper exercise, one could reduce the risk of cancer by 30%.

10. Exceeded the limit


1.48% is highest blood alcohol content ever recorded. This is about twice the typical lethal limit. Additionally, about eleven times the legally drunk.

Were you aware about these interesting facts about alcohol? Let us know in the comments section below!

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