Interesting Facts About Isaac Newton


F=ma. Where “F” is the force, “m” is the mass and “a” is the acceleration. Newton’s Laws of Motion. We all are aware of these equations. Why are we sticking to the surface of the earth and not floating. Gravitation, Mechanics, Value of numbers, Mathematics. All these have been told to us by Sir Isaac Newton. There are many interesting facts about Isaac Newton which the world doesn’t know. With an unnaturally superb brain he was also gifted with an amazing and interesting personality.


Let’s take a look at some unknown yet interesting facts about Isaac Newton.

1. Newton died a virgin!

One of the most secretive and interesting facts about Isaac Newton is that, he died a virgin. There is nothing greater than passion. Not even desires and pleasure. Despite his engagement, he was never married. Even if he had some quality time, it must have been kept personal.

2. A brain which consists of a thunderstorm of intelligence could have been wasted in crops and fields.

His mother always insisted him to work in family farm after school. Being a good son, he followed his mother’s instructions but as they say “We are where our heart is”, he became an awful farmer. So, as a result of the efforts of his uncle, his mother allowed him to join Cambridge.

Sir Isaac Newton’s father

3. His mother’s second marriage was the only reason for the miracle took place.

His father died 3 months before his birth and he came from a poor family so, to stabilize the financial conditions she agreed for a second marriage. So, Isaac Newton was able to study at Trinity College.

Isaac Newton’s family

4. A rivalry between two great scientists of that time began a dispute over Newton’s law of Gravitation.

The list of interesting facts about Isaac Newton is incomplete without his rivalry with Robert Hooke. Hooke, an accomplished and respected scientist in his own right, accused Newton of stealing his work as he first introduced them to the world. Newton even destroyed Hooke’s portraits.

Hooke’s portrait

5. Despite the rivalry with Hooke, he was friends with many other scientists of his time.

Christopher Wren, one of the most successful architects of all time and Edmond Halley became his spine. Edmond Halley helped him by paying for the publication of Newton’s Principia Mathematica.

Principia Mathematica

6. Newton holds a Guinness world record for the most valuable tooth.

His one tooth were sold for approx. $3600(today $35000) at an auction in 1816.

Isaac Newton’s valuable tooth

7. Conversion of lead to gold fascinated Newton

He found himself to be a firm believer of alchemy. Therefore, he became an alchemist. Additionally, one of the most interesting facts about Isaac Newton is that, his greatest ambition was to find the philosopher’s stone.

Alchemy symbols

8. Call it a coincident or anything, Galileo Galilei died in the year 1642 and Isaac Newton was born in the same year.

Galileo Galilei

9. What if we tell you Newton never sat under a apple tree and no apple fell on his head?

Yes, this is a true. One of the most interesting facts about Isaac Newton is that, the “apple tree story” never happened. However, when he was walking through the garden he saw an apple falling from a tree. Although, even this is believed to be a myth.

Discovery of gravity

10. He wrote more religious work than science or mathematics.

Interesting facts about Isaac Newton include that he predicted that the Jews will take back Israel.


These are just few of the interesting facts about Isaac Newton and his life.

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