Interesting Facts About Our Universe


The universe is indeed a very dynamic place, with the littlest of beings and the largest of celestial bodies. As you’re here, reading this article, millions and millions of things are happening around in the world that have little and big impacts on our space-time. Just like there are many unknown facts about our milky way galaxy, there are many strange and interesting facts about our universe. Sometimes, we really have no idea how much we influence this phenomenon called existence. In this article, let’s explore some of the things that we don’t know about cosmos.

Here is the list of interesting facts about our universe!

1. Movement


We might be sitting on our beds right now or standing still, thinking how lazy we are but in reality, we’re moving pretty fast right now even if we don’t exactly feel that pressure. The Milky Way is rotating at 225 km/s, and is wandering around at an estimated speed of 305 km/s. With that mathematics, we are actually taking a leisurely stroll around space at a whopping 530 km/s. Thus, one of the most interesting facts about our Universe is that, in one minute, we travel almost 20,000 km and still call ourselves lazy.

2. Big Bang

the big bang

Everybody knows how the creation of our universe is supported by the Big Bang theory that talks about how once the universe was a small amount of mass, which later exploded to form our ever-expanding universe. However, advocates of the theory tell us not to think of it as an explosion but a vast sudden expansion. The idea rests on the idea of inflation theory, which holds that at a fraction of a second after creation, the universe underwent a huge expansion, which inflated with the speed of doubling itself every 10-34 seconds.

3. Scenarios of our universe

Scenarios of our universe

There have been three different hypothesis for the possible scenarios of our universe. The first one being we have a closed universe that will eventually lead to it collapsing into yet another singularity (as it was before the big bang). The second one is we might have an open universe, which means the universe will keep expanding until everything is dead from the separation between particles. The third one being we have a flat universe, which means it’s stable and the position in which we’re in with just the perfect gravity and perfect dimensions until something happens otherwise.

4. The cosmic calendar

The cosmic calendar

Want to feel utterly small and insignificant? The entire timeline of the cosmos could be scaled in a calendar year… and the whole entire recorded the history of human life to present day… will be under 14 seconds. Everything that has ever happened, from the infinite number of people and their lives, every single thing will be there in those 14 seconds of the cosmic calendar. Thus, this is also one of the most interesting facts about our Universe.

5. Outer space survival

Outer space survival

The list of interesting facts about our Universe includes that, although outer space is a vacuum, humans still survive 15-30 seconds as they breathe out. If they don’t breathe out, it will be a problem and they would survive much lesser. Breathing out prevents the lungs from bursting and sending air into the bloodstream. After 15 seconds, due to lack of oxygen, the person will faint which will lead to death by asphyxiation. The worst problem would be the lack of oxygen.

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