Twin Telepathy – Interesting Facts


“It was inexplicable, like a sudden feeling”, claim a number of twin siblings in their personal anecdotes of Twin Telepathy- the claims by twins to know what their brothers/sisters are thinking or feeling, even when being away from them. Although this has never been proved but the world, in general, is obsessed with the idea of this magical/supernatural connection of twin telepathy between twins that can traverse any amount of distance. But are you? Here are 4 interesting facts about twin telepathy, read on and decide for yourself…

Twin Telepathy facts #1Real “spooky stuff”

The Internet is filled with instances of twins claiming to have a sudden instinctual feeling their sibling might be in trouble. Thus reportedly twin telepathy works best in times of distress. The most notable being the 2009 incident of Houghton sisters. Gemma had a sudden feeling that her sister who was bathing at the time might be in trouble and she should check her. On going to the bathroom she saw Leanne unconscious and lying in the tub blue in the face. She had suffered a seizure and passed out. This “feeling” saved Leanne’s life. Similar instances have been reported worldwide. Some people also report that twins experience injury in a similar manner. One such instant claims that a girl broke her ankle in a bike accident and her twin developed a swelling in the same spot. This indeed is the most interesting fact about twin telepathy.

#2 It isn’t as common as we think though

Remember Phoebe and Ursula from “Friends”? They weren’t even on talking terms, let alone have telepathic abilities. According to an estimate, there exist more than 100 million twins worldwide and most of them do not report such things. In fact, many just like Phoebe are not close to their siblings. To add to it, many even detest the topic and say it’s nowhere near real. Thus these things can either be a conjecture or some weird coincidence. It can be that the bringing up of these connected twins might instil in them a feeling that they are magically related and give birth to the twin telepathy thing.

Phoebe and Ursula, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

#3 Favourite topic of the pop-culture

Let’s start with Jedi from Star Wars, who could contact Leia when he needed rescuing in Cloud city, but he is not the only example. A lesser known fact is that the idea of twin telepathy gained popularity with Alexandre Dumas novella “The Corsican Brothers” in 1844 which told the story of previously conjoined twins who continued to share thoughts and physical sensations. Further, in Robert A. Heinlein’s 1956 novel Time for the Stars, certain pairs of twins are able to send telepathic messages to each other. Another novel is ‘Sisterland’ by Curtis Sittenfeld that employs twin telepathy. However, the concept of telepathy (beyond twin telepathy) has been used in many novels ranging from Harry Potter to Eragon.

Jedi Luke Skywalker

#4 No scientific evidence

There exists no scientific explanation for the phenomenon of twin telepathy. All the instances cited are anecdotal and have no proof behind them. Even the Houghton sister’s incident is claimed to be just a presence of mind on Gemma’s part, who knew that Leanne suffers from seizures and shouldn’t be left alone near water. Even though some have tried to explain it as a result of their similar genes, or the time after which zygote divides, or even the similar brain energy/vibrations, none of these explanations have been proved or validated. Further, many scientists reject twin telepathy completely, calling it as fictional.

twin telepathy

And there you have it, interesting facts about Twin Telepathy .To believe it or not, is up to you…

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