Is India Developing?


A developing country means less industrial base and less human development index. India is the 7th largest country in the world. Among all the developing countries in the world, India marks itself as being one of the fastest growing economies. Below we will critically analyse and then decide that Is India developing?

Is India developing?: Here are some major societal problems in India that need our urgent attention.


is india developing: corruption

Corruption is an issue that affects the country’s economy and credibility. According to 2016, India ranks 79th place out of 176 countries in corruption. Corruption occurs due to excessive regulations, complicated tax, licensing systems and various government department each having different rules.


is india developing: Molestation of women

Nowadays, violence against women is increasing gradually. Women face lots of social issues and problems all through the life which is the biggest struggle for them. Female infanticide is the most common practice of killing girl child in mother’s womb. Another problem for women is sex discrimination. However, women face much more challenges due to the existence of patriarchal society, childbearing, cultural norms etc. After reading this, you definitely need to ask yourself, is India developing?


is india developing: dissipation of resources

The problem of wastage is not new in India. For India, it is very challenging to be a superpower by 2030 with its habit of wastage. Here, the price of total food wastage is 44,000 Crore. Further, wastage is done hugely every year because of its inadequate storage, connectivity of ports, development of various industrial factors, overpopulation, cutting down of trees etc.


is india developing: poverty

In today’s world, the gap between rich and poor is becoming wider. With the increasing way of today’s lifestyle, rich people are able to meet their requirements but in the case of poor people, they are struggling to tally with the rich. Poverty is not just absence of income, it is the presence of helplessness, powerlessness, and voicelessness. A country’s developments is not measured by the number of riches but the amount of poverty, to this we really need to think over that Is India developing ?


is india developing: illiteracy

According to United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), India has the highest population of illiterate adults at 287 million. Illiteracy happens because of gender imbalances, income imbalances, caste imbalances, technological barriers. Consequently, the low female literacy is because of dependency of women. Rich people can easily handle to have better educational facilities while for the poor people, it is a hard work. The improper school facility is also the main problem of illiteracy.


is india developing: overpopulation

India is the 2nd most populated country worldwide after China. In accordance with a survey, its population is 125 Crore in 2017. With the increase in population, the requirements of the people also increase. To fulfill the requirements of people, most agricultural areas are converted into shelter areas.

Now you answer this question: Is India Developing?

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