7 Facts About Japanese Schools


Japan has a different culture as compared to most other countries in various aspects, which includes, even their education system. While differences in culture and daily life will likely be quirky and interesting, differences in the education system stands to shock others. Here’s a list of 7 facts about Japanese schools:

1. They are their own janitors

japanese schools

First of all, you can hardly find gum under the bench or anything scribbled on the desk in Japanese schools. Why? Because the students and teachers take turns in sweeping, cleaning activities of the whole school. A group of four to five students clean their own classes and other parts of the school every day.

2. Regulations on hairstyles

japanese schools

In most countries, students can choose any hairstyle of their choice. But the case isn’t the same when we talk about Japanese schools. Boys mostly limit their hair close to their ears. Similarly, girls cannot grow their bangs longer such that they cover their eyebrows. Seems like, these rules are imposed so that the students can concentrate more on their studies rather than their appearance.

3. Time for lunch! 

japanese schools

Contrary to most other parts of the world where students are given a choice to bring their own lunch boxes or buy their preferred dish from outside. In Japan, you don’t have any options at all. So, All students have the exact same meal. They have their lunch on their classroom desk itself. The regular school lunch includes rice, fish, or any other traditional Japanese food. Therefore, the students are forced to complete their lunch at any cost.

4. Swimming lessons

japanese schoolsIn addition, almost all the Japanese schools have a swimming pool in their campus. Swimming lessons are a part of their school curriculum and it is very crucial for every student to learn to swim certain basic distances. Especially relevant tests are conducted and if a student fails to swim even the minimum distance, special training programs are held and later the students are retested to check their progress.

5. Keep journaling

Japanese Schools
Japanese School students are required to maintain a regular Journal.

Every student is issued a journal by the school that they are required to write in every day. While, their teachers check these journals daily to keep tabs on their student lives. Everything from their wake up to sleep time is thoroughly recorded in these journals. Due to the Kindergarten students who cannot write well generally draw their daily schedule.

Their OMG! Summer vacation

japanese schools
Just one month of Summer Vacation in Japanese School. Instead fun trips, tours, etc.

Japanese students do not get the same summer vacation as most of the students in other parts of the world enjoy. They have only 5 weeks of vacation between the semesters. In spite of the less duration, most teachers and students show up to plan various schools events and club activities. Furthermore, Primary school students are assigned tons of homework to keep them busy during the vacation.


japanese schools
Different Uniforms for Summer and Winter Season just like Indian Schools but contrary to American Schools.

Finally, Japanese schools have different summer and winter uniforms. The students wear shoes with different colored striped lines on white shoes to indicate different grades.

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