John Titor: World’s only Time Traveller


(John Titor: World’s only Time Traveller) Before we start let’s know about Time travel. Time travel has always been a fictitious topic to discuss. H.G.Wells popularized the idea of Time traveling in his work “The Time Machine”. We all moving forward every second, Is it possible to go back in time? Some say yes and some say No. But there are also a few who say that Time traveling has already happened.

john titor: time travel

Who is John Titor?

John Titor is believed to be a time traveler from 2036 who was sent to the year 1936 to retrieve data and debug an IBM 5100. He was an online sensation. John Titor first appeared in Time Travel Institute forums on November 2, 2000, with his name being “Time Travel _0”. After a time gap of around a month, the name “John Titor” was introduced to the world when Time Travel_0 began posting in another online forum- “Art Bell”.

He claimed that he was an American soldier from 2036. John also told that he was particularly selected for this project as his grandfather was closely associated with programming of IBM 5100. John Titor is known to travel through time in a Chevrolet car installed with a time machine. The reason for travel was pretty simple. He said that IBM 5100 needed a debug system as they cannot count past the year 2038.

John Titor sounds fictional right?

He claims that on his way back he stopped during the year 2000 to collect his family photos and to visit his family. Titor also alerted about the civil war USA would be facing on in future i.e. in the year 2015. He said that as a result of the war, The United States would split into five regions. John told that there exist different timelines and his timeline of future might be different from the one going at that time. He concluded the civil war issue by requesting the humans living in the year 2000 as their present to take measures not to start the civil war.

There are many more concepts and predictions raised by John Titor. They include the threat of Cruetzfeldt-Jakob disease, time travel, UFOs. He believes that aliens, UFO’s can be beings who traveled back in time from future greater than his i.e.., future of 2036.

But all of his struck off and labeled hoax in a YouTube interview video. A group of detectives tracked down John Titor to Dr. Larry Haber, an entertainment lawyer residing in Florida.He represents Kay Titor, who claims to be the mother of John. The fact that the name Larry’s brother being ‘John’ Haber increased the strength in the statements of the YouTube video sleuths. In the interview, Larry Haber didn’t reveal much about John Titor or his existence but, he denied agreeing that the story was a hoax. He also denied the allegations on his brother John Haber being presented as John Titor.

john titor

Another conspiracy raised now in 2017 in an online forum 4Chan about Donald Trump, the present President of USA. They say that Donald Trump (POTUS) is a time traveler who came to save us from an impending war. They say that Donald Trump might be linked to John Titor.

This ends the article on John Titor. The reality behind this entire story stills remains a mystery. We never know the existence of John Titor or the idea of time travel yet. May be John is real and he is traveling through time this very second. May be the whole thing is a hoax!. We never know. The concept of changing timelines leading to diverging futures stated by John Titor makes it impossible to conclude anything. May be his prediction of civil war was false as we shifted to another timeline. To believe or not lies in our own minds and thoughts.

So are you a believer?

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