Karma is an action or deed of an individual in this or previous birth. There are some, who also relate karma with the religion or god. The Christians feel offering wine to the god is religious but the Hindus consider it a sin. But does this make difference? No, karma is the word which is above all religions and are in all the religious books.

How Does the Karma work?

What you give to universe will come back to you eventually.

Karma follows Newtons third law perfectly well, i.e. “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Whatever you do, either good or bad, its result will be provided to you surely.

Lets start with a story from the Bhagvat Geeta. Once Dhritrashtra asked Lord Krishna that even after not having committed any crime or sin all his life why is he blind? Then Lord Krishna confronted him by saying that he is currently serving for the sin he had done in his previous life. Dhritrashtra then meditates and looks for his sins in all his previous births. After not finding his sin in his previous 100 births he again questions Lord Krishna. Then the latter asks him to search in his 101th birth, wherein he found himself plucking thorns in a bird’s eyes. So the reason was simple. His suffering was the effect of his bad deed.

Doubts about Karma

1. Why doesn’t the action and reaction take place in the same birth?

This question must have crossed all of our minds. For explaining it let’s take an example. “We all know that the world consists of various kinds of flowers and fruits. Some fruits grow within months, some within a year and some after several years. So what does it mean? It means that the God knows which seed should be fructifying after how much duration.”

Same is the case with the karma. Every deed of ours is like seed sown, and it will fructify only at the right time. God knows which deed will give best result in which period.

2. Why the law doesn’t excuse the unaware?

We came into this world without anyone teaching us how to breathe or how to blink our eyes. All this, we had learnt ourselves. And law of karma is also what we have to learn our self.

Like in the case of, Law of Gravity. If somebody doesn’t know the law of gravity and jumps from a building. What next? We all know he will die. So the law of gravity cannot excuse him for the reason of him being ignorant. No one can change the laws. The laws are always same for everyone whether you know or not. The results will be there.

3. If I have done wrong with that person it means he deserves it!

Well, that’s the biggest doubt. Some people find this doubt as logical, especially who don’t believe in Karmas. Well, this doubt can be answered by an example. What are trees meant for? God made these trees to protect all those who can’t bear sun rays. Then God provides trees with a boon of providing fruits so that we can eat it. Nowadays, we are cutting them for various purposes (furniture, industrialization, etc). But do they deserve it? No, it’s our greed that has made them suffer.

The Law of Karma says that the action is the cause of your desires and intentions. If your intentions are good then you will not be harmed but if your intention is bad then you cannot be saved.

4. Is there any proof of karma?

‘No’..That’s what most of us will answer. Well if there is no law of Karma then why there is a pain in the world. If there is no Law of Karma, then why is suffering in the world? If there is no Law of Karma, then why are there tears in the eyes? But for all those who don’t believe, Karma is scientifically proven, in the law, every action has a reaction.

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