In today’s world of hustle and rush, a woman has to manage the household as well as the workplace. With the passing of the era, women are progressing. Nowadays, almost every woman work, rather than staying at home. Not only the unmarried ones but also the married women.

The time crisis arises after pregnancy and childbirth. As the child grows older and develops they need their mother the most. The question is, during the growth of a child to teenage and then adulthood, is it necessary for the mothers to leave their job and become homemakers? Thereby no one must be a working mother?

There are many women who set family as their priority and leaves their job after the delivery, it is perfectly alright. In the initial days, no one can replace the mother. However, she might choose to get back to work.
Working mothers are very important.

Working Mothers Are The Best

Reasons why working mothers are important

1. The financial stability

Many times, the father turns out to be irresponsible, an addict or a spendthrift. In these cases, the earnings of the mother are important for the sustaining of life of the child. Further, the requirements of the child can be fulfilled.  In addition, in the case of an emergency, the financial stability given by the mother is a necessity and not luxury.

Working mother

2. Imbibing values

If you have a working mother like me, you will surely understand this. Your working mother will imbibe the values and ethics of workplace in your mind. She will make your judgment sharper and stronger. You will gain values that are effective in the society, workplace and your life.In addition, she will also manipulate your mentality, positively.

Imbibing Values

3. The necessity to excel

She will make sure that you understand it is absolutely necessary for you to excel, thus finding a job. This will help you go long way in life.

4. Understanding

As you grow up, you will be able to face the hard world. Pressurized under every day working schedule, you will break down to your family. Your mother will understand you. She will realize what is bothering you. She will soothe you, she will support you. This is because she has faced the cruel society. She will be an understanding mother.

Working mother

5. Guidance

In every step of life, you will face a lot of crisis. Whether you are a man or a woman, she will guide you in every way – professionally and emotionally. She will stand by your side, help you excel and guide you in every way possible. In fact, she will be your strongest support system.

6. Surprise you

Even if you do not speak much, she will surprise you by understanding your requirements and needs. In fact, she will understand you because she sees your generation when she works with her colleagues. People of your age will interact with her, thus giving her the knowledge of their desires.Thus, your working mother will be a bane for you.

7. Your idol

She can easily be your idol. You will be amazed to see her capabilities to manage both homes as well as work. Thereby, she will be your idol.

Working mother

Statistical record

Problems of working mothers and the family

Though working mothers are equally important and wonderful than homemaking ones, still there are certain issues regarding mothers working.

1. Time Crisis

This is the most important issue of a working mother. Whether it is the time for the family or it is time for office work, it is tough to decide. Being a mother is a tough job. Being a working mother is yet tougher. Often, the mothers working in corporate sectors are pressurized. Meeting the deadline, submitting of projects, not being without a project in hand: working mothers have a lot of headaches. To manage the family and the child is cumbersome.

2. Patience

The most important factor for a child’s development is patience. Working mothers already deal with office politics, hard work, deadlines. In such a situation, keeping calm is tough. In fact, the working mothers tend to lose calm easily. This betters the relationship between child and mother.

Working mother's bonding with her daughter

3. Night shifts are problems

You have to keep your ward under the care of the (careless) maid, or a neighbor or so on. However, you can not trust anybody apart from yourself at night. For taking care of the child, night shifts are unknown words for you.

You have to keep your ward under the care of the (careless) maid, or a neighbor or so on. However, you can not trust anybody apart from yourself at night. For taking care of the child, night shifts are unknown words for you.

There are millions and trillions duties and loads of problems. Yet, working mothers have to manage through it all. So next time your mother shouts on you without a reason, brings nothing for you, forgets to do some stuff, be patient. Working mothers are not superhuman. Hold on. Support her. Love her. Make it a little easier for her. Take this from the daughter of a working mother. 

Loads of love, Mom. 

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