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We all have watched movies of Batman and Superman right from our childhood days. We all have admired the courage of our favorite superheroes who often take over the villain characters single-handedly. But unknown to many, The Marvel comics pool is still quite deep and there are a legion of interesting characters from which to draw. Here are 7 lesser known Marvel superheroes that could be the next to line us up around the block.

1. Adam Warlock

marvel superheroes

The list of lesser known Marvel superheroes begins with Adam Warlock. Adam Warlock is a “man-god” who was created by a group of scientists called the Enclave. It is after denying his creators and having a confrontation with Thor that Warlock decides to travel into space.

He is a natural fit, a great character, and one can bet he could be a money magnet at the box office as well.

2. New Warriors

marvel superheroes

The New Warriors are a superhero team of younger characters who are few of the many lesser known Marvel superheroes. Much in the way that the New Mutants were Junior X-men, the New Warriors are a sort of Junior Avengers. The team is created by a hero Night Thraser as a way to fight him war on crime. The lineup changes  over time, but their mission remains the same.

3. Morbius

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The list of lesser known Marvel superheroes also includes Morbius, the living vampire. After Twilight, it’s time to make vampires cool again. What better way than Marvel’s bloodsucking Anti-Hero?

Morbius was a normal, mortal man who was suffering from a rare blood disease. It was through scientific experimentation, and not by supernatural means, that he developed “pseudo vampirism”. His appearance became hideous. He needs to ingest fresh blood. Yes, he is sensitive to sunlight. But he doesn’t have all the benefits or hindrances of true vampirism.

4. Alpha Fight

marvel superheroes

One of the Few Canadian Team in Comics, Alpha Fight has been around since 1979 yet it is one of the lesser known Marvel superheroes. Commonly viewed as Canadian Avengers, Alpha Fight works for department H, which is a branch of the Canadian Government that deals with Super-powered baddies.

Alpha Fight characters contain members like Sasquatch, Snowbird, Puck and Northstar, who is also first openly gay character in comics. Really, it’s the best way for Marvel to promote true diversity with having a team with a small person, a huge mammal, a proud homosexual and a guy who is essentially the Canadian Captain America at the helm.

5. Nova

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Even though Nova was a member of the aforementioned New warriors, Nova(a.k.a Richard Rider), is at his best as a solo actor or a member of the Nova corps. He possesses great cosmic powers through Nova Force.

In the comics, Nova fights alongside The Guardians of the Galaxy and battles MCU big bad Thanos. An interesting part of Nova’s story arc is when he goes from possessing his small part of the Nova force to absorbing all of it, as well as the Worldmind. Being human, wielding this power presents unique challenges to Rider.

6. She Hulk

marvel superheroes

She hulk has always been a popular character when it comes to Marvel Comics yet she is considered to be one of the lesser known Marvel superheroes. This character has all the makings of a successful MCU property. She is Bruce Banner’s cousin and receives her power through blood transfusion from him. She is beautiful, confident, tough as nails and a good role model for girls.

7. Moon Knight

marvel superheroes

Moon Knight is essentially Marvel superheroes version of Batman. But this character has just not managed to get the amount of popularity gained by his counterpart and it is thus, one of the lesser known Marvel superheroes. Moon night displays more mental instability than Batman. He believes the lunar cycle gives him more power and he sometimes relies on different personalities to cope with emotional turmoil.

Superhero movie audiences have shown they prefer more multidimensional characters to old school hokey ones. The many layers and turmoils of Moon Knight make him a natural for the MCU.

These lesser known Marvel superheroes are no less in strength or power than any other superhero!

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