(Lindsey Stirling Songs) Lindsey Stirling is an American dancer, composer, and violinist. She created her YouTube channel in 2007 where she presents her choreographed performances. Her music performances are basically a combination of violin with a variety of music styles such as classical, pop, rock and electronic dance music (EDM), especially dubstep. Stirling has released two albums, numerous cover songs, and a medley of soundtracks. She got famous as “hip hop violinist” in the fifth season of America’s Got Talent. Her unique style of dancing while playing violin in her music videos and live performances have elevated her position a lot in the music world. Almost all are songs are equally outstanding.

However, I have selected 5 best Lindsey Stirling songs for you folks!

1. All of me – John Legend and Lindsey Stirling

#1 Lindsey Stirling Songs: This overwhelming song is the outcome of the collaboration of two gems i.e. John Legend and Lindsey Stirling. This song was originally released by John Legend. However, his collaboration with Stirling made this song even much better. The opening music of this song will definitely give you goose bumps. This gem will take you to a whole new world of music.

2. Hallelujah

#2 Lindsey Stirling Songs: Hallelujah is actually a Christmas special song by Stirling, released in 2015. This song is extremely beautiful and enchanting. This is absolutely the best version I have ever heard. ‘Hallelujah’ no doubt proves her tremendous talent. The way she expresses herself throughout the song is amazing.

3. Lord of the Rings Medley

#3 Lindsey Stirling Songs: The Lord of the Rings trilogy has some of the best soundtracks in the history. Lindsey made a mash up of the best ones, all played amazingly on a violin. This medley is total perfection. Additionally, the beautiful landscape sets the ideal mood for the song. This medley proves that she can stir emotions without saying one word, especially of the Lord of the Ring’s die-hard fans. Thus, Lord of the Rings medley is four minutes of pure delight.

4. Shatter Me – Lzzy Hale and Lindsey Stirling

#4 Lindsey Stirling Songs: This one is from her second album “Shatter me” released in 2014. Stirling’s collaboration with American rock band Halestorm’s musician Lzzy Hale makes this song a real piece of art. This song is phenomenal and beyond perfection. Both of them put their heart and soul into this magical performance. The vocals and violin performance are incredible. Also, the video is so inspiring and beautifully made. The message is clear and the way she portrays it is just awesome.

5. My Immortal – Evanescence (Cover Version)

#5 Lindsey Stirling Songs: “My Immortal” is a beautiful and breathtaking song by American rock band Evanescence. This is the only cover that had actually done justice to the original version. The video is incredible. The piano and violin duet will undoubtedly take you to another world. This song is so mesmerizing and peaceful. It literally flows through you. This largely instrumental piece once again proves the rapid development of her immense talent and indomitable will.

lindsey stirling songs

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