( Linkin Park best song that you can’t miss) Linkin Park is an American rock band from Agoura Hills, California. Billboard ranked it 19th position on the decade chart of best artists. Mostly dealing in rock and metal, it has shown its skill in pop music as well. Linkin Park has been able to steal the hearts of its audience in all of these genres making it one of the best music bands now. Presenting you the list of Linkin Park best songs.

best songs of linkin park

Here’s a list of Linkin Park best songs that you must listen to!!

1. Iridescent

#1 Linkin Park best songs: This song was used as the theme song for the movie Transformers. It talks about hope in the midst of chaos and grief. When frustration and desperation for success have taken all of you, it is at this time that you must remember the learning from these times and at the same time, “Let it go.” Iridescent meaning colors signify “hope” in times of darkness. With extraordinarily relatable lyrics, this song is a ‘natural fit’ for everyone. It is a rock ballad and was the final single of the album ‘A Thousand Suns’.

2. Waiting for the end

#2 Linkin Park best songs: This hard rock song was a huge success. It was the second single of the album “A Thousand Suns”. The song lyrics are coming from a person who is at that stage in his life where there is only hopelessness and grief. He talks about the delusion he keeps himself in by “holding on to what I haven’t got”. It is at these times when “the end” seems the only possible way out. Bennington described the track as having a “summertime vibe,” and the combination of Rob Bourdon’s drums and Joe Hahn’s samples really gives the track that special sound.

3. One More light

#3 Linkin Park best songs: One of the songs with the deepest meaning I’ve ever heard. The song talks about the uncaring and the insensitive behavior that most of us have adopted these days. It is the “brilliance when the world was asleep” that is highlighted. It is those little moments,  that last flicker of light that we possibly don’t give importance to that he cares about! The electropop music of this song seems to linger to your soul for a long time. It gives you a sense of satiation at the same time. Released in 2017, the album is named after this song.

4. Numb

#4 Linkin Park best songs: One of Linkin Park’s most well-known and critically acclaimed songs, “Numb” topped the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart for 12 weeks. The video shows a girl who wishes to be an artist someday but is largely shunned and ridiculed at school. It expresses the feeling of being dictated upon by someone, “the pressure of walking in your shoes”. Released on the album Meteora 2003, it has been an all-time favorite ever since.

5. Shadow of the day

#5 Linkin Park best songs: The song portrays the hard truth of life as a “gray area” and not black or white. There are some things which have to be accepted the way they are. There seems to be no solution to them. The “shadow” of the day gives a sense of reality where there is indeed no possible way to avoid the bad parts of life. If it hasn’t happened with you already, eventually it will. Topping the billboard soon after its release, this alternative rock song will reach out to your heart and soul.

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