Lionel Messi Banned for 4 matches for abusing match officials


Five-time Balloon d’Or winner Lionel Messi has been banned for 4 matches. He was verbally abusing the match officials during the Argentina’s World Cup qualifier against Chile last week.

Messi banned for 4 matches for abusing match officials.
Lionel Messi has been accused of verbally abusing the linesman in a match against Chile.

The Argentinian captain, Lionel Messi has been excluded from the national team which turned down the hopes of qualifying for the next year’s World Cup in disarray.

Messi was accused of saying to a linesman:“F*** off, your mother’s a c***.”

The FC Barcelona forward was fined 10,000 Swiss francs ($10,160) by FIFA’s disciplinary panel. He is not allowed to play the following next four matches.

The four matches include the World Cup qualifiers against Uruguay, Peru and Venezuela, after losing to Bolivia for 2-0 on Tuesday.

Messi has written a request to overturn his four-match international ban to FIFA, El Mundo Deportivo has reported.

He claims that his words did not aim at the Assistant referee 1 and he yelled in the air, in the nine-paragraph letter sent to FIFA.

Lionel Messi banned for abusing with match officials
Messi’s letter to FIFA (from before the suspension).

Whereas, FIFA considers Messi to have breached the article by displaying “offensive behaviour” to the match official.

However, the football legend denies his act hostile and rather apologises for any trouble caused to the assistant.

Nonetheless, he concluded by writing: “I hereby expressly request for the disciplinary case to be dismissed without any sanction against me.”

Messi arriving at La Paz for theie second World Cup qualifier
Lionel Messi was accused of using insulting language towards match officials during Argentina’s 1-0 win over Chile in the World Cup qualifiers. He was banned for four games and fined for using insulting language toward match officials. He arrived in La Paz with the Argentina team but could only watch on as they lost 2-0 to Bolivia.

Diego Maradona too disagrees the accusation. He thinks Messi’s words were in the heat of the moment.

Everybody is hoping for Lionel Messi’s ban to overturn. But lets accept the truth. Wait for the time to pass by and see how the Argentina team play for the pending World Cup qualifiers.

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